Nathan Lyon's Ex Wife Comments On His Fiancee Trying On Wedding Gowns

It was reported his former partner Mel Waring was upset when she saw photos of his now finacee Emma McCarthy trying on wedding dresses.

Nathan Lyon might be an Australian cricket player but since he was photographed kissing Emma McCarthy in 2017 while married to Mel Waring who she shares two children with, his love life has been the centre of public attention.

And this week, when Emma -- who is now his fiancee following a highly publicised break up with Mel -- was pictured trying on wedding dresses, it was reported the images had upset his ex wife.

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But on her Instagram, Mel told a different narrative. "To all the lovely boring articles out about my now very old relationship," she began.

"Amazingly I have better things to care about and I am happy to report I’m far from gutted."

Image: Instagram

"In fact, even with a torn ACL, I have never been happier. Let’s not believe everything we read. It’s time to MOVE ON," she wrote.

The comments come just days after Mel shared a selfie with her two daughters, Harper and Milla, and appeared to subtlety allude to Emma. 

In her caption, Mel used the exact same phrase ('The cat that got the cream') that Woman's Day had used to describe Emma's Instagram posts from her recent trip to the UK for the Ashes series.

"The cat that got the cream looks like this," she wrote, adding the hashtags, "Couldn’t ask for more", "Most important people," and "Little loves."

The introduction to the Woman's Day article read: "Wearing a figure-hugging $10,000 wedding gown and a killer smile, cricketer Nathan Lyon's girlfriend Emma McCarthy looks like the cat that got the cream in photos sure to break Mel Waring's heart all over again."

Emma has been further posting several loved up photos with the cricketer, while it's been rumoured she hasn't been accepted with open arms into the community of WAGs who have very close friendships with Mel.

“He was my forever, he was my whole world,” Mel wrote on her blog, Life of Lyons, in March. “Until the very end I was 100 per cent devoted to our life and I loved every part of him and our world."

“This was like a bomb, it went off from behind. I had to deal with in a very public, humiliating and confronting way. A part of me died," she wrote.

Nathan's 10 year relationship with Mel came to a "devastating" end when he was photographed in the passenger seat of a BMW, kissing Emma, at the end of 2017.

Featured image: Instagram