The First Thing Megan Gale And Shaun Hampson Did When He Returned From 'Survivor'

Shaun Hampson left Australian Survivor this week after being separated from his partner Megan Gale and their family for eight weeks.

On Tuesday, Megan shared exactly what the pair did right after Shaun's return from Fiji to reconnect as a family, explaining they took a trip with their two children -- River, four and Rosie, almost two -- to the stunning town of Daylesford in Victoria.

"When the big fella got back from Survivor we all got the hell outta Dodge (aka Melbourne) so we could spend some much needed family time together," she wrote.

The model explained that due to filming for the show, the couple were separated for eight weeks and had never been apart for longer than eight days before that.

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"The longest we had been apart prior to that was eight days so you can imagine how much we missed each other," she explained.

Megan posted several stunning photos of their mini trip on Instagram and said the family enjoyed "cuddles, hikes and walks around the lake and dinner's out". She also shared that both her mum and Shaun's mum joined them on their getaway.

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Megan previously explained on Instagram story that the hardest part of having Shaun away was not being able to pick up the phone, or even text, during a stressful time when she was launching her new business, Your Mindful Life.

"It really was like he vanished off the face of the earth," she said. "He’s not just my man, he’s my best friend and we parent together so beautifully so to not have him around, we really, really noticed his absence."

That was the worst part about it, I hated it.

Megan said that she even had to keep Shaun's absence secret from their kids, who are just that bit too young to grasp what on earth 'Australian Survivor' even means.

"So Rosie didn’t know, she’s a bit young to wrap her head around it," Megan said.

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"River didn’t know for a while, we just said that Daddy had to go away and that he was going to an island to help build shelters which technically wasn’t a lie. I think he just assumed it was for a village," she said.

The white lie meant that River wouldn't accidentally tell any of his friends, or his friends' parents, and spill the beans on any 'Survivor' secrets.

I had so many of his friends' parents going 'Where’s Shaun? Where’s Shaun, when’s he coming back? What’s he doing?'

"I think people thought we’d split up because I couldn't answer and I couldn’t lie properly -- we had to keep it super, super secret," she said.

Shaun went to sit on the 'Survivor' jury after being voted off on Sunday, leaving before his rival David Genat.

Megan and Shaun began dating in 2011, and got engaged in July 2017.

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