'Don't Hide': Nadia And Jimmy Bartel Make Fresh Comments About Rumoured Split

The pair initially sparked suggestions of a separation when they abruptly unfollowed each other on Instagram.

And now Jimmy, 35, and Nadia Bartel,  34, have both made new comments about the rumours after five years together with "a source close to the couple" confirming the breakup with the Herald Sun.

During an appearance on radio show 3AW on Saturday, Jimmy admitted the situation is "not great" but didn't confirm or deny whether he and his wife had separated or not.

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“I am probably not going to provide any commentary on it,” the former AFL player and father of two said.

“I know I am in the public eye and people are interested, but it is a private matter and I ask for a bit of respect because obviously Nadia and the boys [are] involved.”

When asked if he'd continue to work during the trying time, Jimmy said, “I still enjoy coming to work and I love working with everybody in football. I love the game so I can’t see why I wouldn’t keep showing up for work.”

Nadia was further forced to defend herself on Friday when she was targeted by an Instagram troll who made brazen claims about her marriage.

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The anonymous troll suggested the fashion blogger and busy professional "didn't have a real job" and said it was "fascinating watching Nadia's world crumble when it was so 'Insta perfect'."

They further made comments about the state of the Bartels' marriage before their separation and made unfounded claims about Jimmy moving on with a rumoured new girlfriend, Lauren Mand, after it was reported by the Herald Sun.

Nadia responded in the comments section by writing: "Try writing from a real account. Don't hide. I have numerous real jobs."

In response to this comment, the troll wrote: "Well, if they have a breakdown over one comment, maybe get off Insta and spend more time in the real world. Getting a real job might help also #notsorry."

A number of fans came to her defense, with one writing, "What a cold-hearted, unnecessary and insensitive thing to say... Shame on you."

"That's a horrible thing to say. Why would you even write that? This is why people have breakdowns from bullying on social media," another added.

On Thursday, Nadia posted a cryptic quote on Instagram which appeared to be about friends and family who have supported her.

“People who resonate with your energy will always be there. Y’all are on the same frequency you are aligned together. It’s a soul family. Know your members. You know who you are,” she wrote in a post that has since been deleted.

After Nadia and Jimmy unfollowed each other on Instagram, Jimmy also made his profile private and Nadia has been seen without her wedding ring in recent weeks.

The couple initially met at the Melbourne F1 Grand Prix and Jimmy proposed a year later in Mexico, with the couple marrying in a lavish wedding on the Bellarine Peninsula in 2014.

Nadia and Jimmy Bartel share four-year-old son Aston and Henley, one.

Featured image: Instagram