'You Feel Like Such A Sleazebag': What Matty J Learnt About Pashing Girls On 'The Bachelor'

As our 2019 'Bachelor' Matt Agnew has begun sharing a few smooches with the girls, we decided to ask an OG Bachie what it's really like to be courting so many women at once.

Matty Johnson has been taking us through TL;DR 'Bachelor' recaps like an absolute pro, and watching with a knowing glance as Matt Agnew has a few "snoggy snogs" with the contestants.

So far, astrophysicist Matt has pashed everyone who's gone on a single date with him -- that's Sogand, Elly and Monique. And then fan fave Abbie managed to sneak in a steamy pash session during a cocktail party after the girls voted that she should get the coveted alone time over Sogand.

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A snoggy snog from Abbie. Photo: Network 10.
The girls were not happy with Abbie. Photo: Network 10.

The girls later felt a bit betrayed by Abbie after she returned from the rendezvous with a rose and sans her red lipstick, admitting she might have given Matt a peck or two.

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Which led us to ask Matty J what it's like to be sharing smooches with multiple girls when tensions are running high in the 'Bachelor' mansion.

"You feel like an a**hole, you feel like such a sleazebag," he sighed on TL;DR.

Matty added that he learned some very important life lessons after leaving the fairy tale reality show.

"And I learnt that outside 'The Bachelor' you should never, ever do that," he deadpanned.

"It was a trait that took me a while to shake off," he joked.

"What do you mean I can't kiss everyone, honey?!" he exclaimed to an imaginary Laura Byrne who was presumably at home with their newborn, Marlie Mae Rose.

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