The Steamiest Snaps From 'The Bachelor' Photo Shoot, Ranked

Bachelor Matt Agnew was left feeling a little hot under the collar after taking some extremely steamy photos with the girls -- but particularly Sogand and Abbie.

The show's annual photo shoot is always an opportunity for the contestants to get a little closer to 'The Bachelor' -- for the sake of art-- and usually turns into a very intense staring competition to see who can create the most sizzling chemistry.

And of course, just for a bit of added fun, the girls are usually handed out costumes that are either sexy, revealing cocktail dresses or frumpy brown paper bags.

Photo: Network 10.

The result? "Like feeding time at the zoo" as Rachael remarked, watching on as the girls vied for Matt's attention.

Snow White: Helene, Isabelle, Nichole and Rachael

This scene might have been doomed to fail with Helene wearing a full face of scary makeup, Rachael and Nichole dressed as tradies and Isabelle being forbidden to open her eyes as she played the motionless Snow White.

Sizzle Factor: 2/10

No sizzle, all fizzle. Photo: Network 10.

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Romeo and Juliet: Cassandra

While Cassandra had a sweet solo gig and looked incredible as an ethereal looking Juliet, the scene failed to produce any real fire or passion between the pair.  The height difference didn't help, with Rachael, one of our favourite narrators commenting that it was just "awkward".

Even Matt, who was blown away by Cassandra's costume, was struggling to make that connection.

"It doesn't feel like it has that raw physicality that maybe some of the other shoots had," the Bachelor confessed.

Sizzle Factor: 4/10

Not feeling that sizzle. Photo: Network 10.
The awkward chin touch. Photo: Network 10.
Cinderella: Sogand, Emma and Mary

The Cinderella scene was where things finally started to heat up with Mary not letting her frumpy step-sister blouse and voluminous skirt going to get in the way of flirting. Unbuttoning to reveal her bra and holding Matt's gaze with an unblinking stare, she wasn't going to let Sogand's sultry dress get all the attention.

That is, until, Sogand stepped into the driver's seat and made Matt remember the connection they forged on their first single date together. The pair lingered close enough that it looked like their lips were going to touch with Nichole remarking from the sidelines that there was "epic chemistry".

Sizzle Factor: A solid 9/10

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Cleopatra: Vakoo and Abbie

While Sogand looked like she had captivated Matt and won the photoshoot, Vakoo and Abbie stepped on to set with plans for domination.

Professional model Vakoo showed off her skills on the couch with a sizzling smize as Matt kissed her hand.

But Abbie wasn't going to be left sitting on the sidelines with her fan and quickly sidled her way into Matt's arms. With Vakoo now the one sitting awkwardly out of frame, Abbie made some very risque moves, causing the Bach to break out in a light sweat.

Sizzle Factor: 11/10

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