Gai Waterhouse Is The Unlikely Star Of The Bachelor's Single Date

Turns out, the presence of racing legend Gai Waterhouse is Bachelor Matt Agnew's secret weapon.

After handing contestant Elly the magical golden ticket back in episode one, Matt whisked her away to his hometown of ~Melbourne~ for a day at Flemington Racecourse with a very special guest to show them around.

After a ride through the grounds via horse and carriage (a definite first for both Matt and Elly), they were greeted by legendary trainer and Melbourne Cup winner, Gai Waterhouse -- who exudes just the right type of energy to break through any first date awkwardness.

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Which might have been needed because Elly was nervously talking about how much she enjoys mobility scooters and appreciates "a good lawn".

"I'm easily impressed," she laughed.

Really? Photo: Network 10.

And if she was easily wowed by some well-tended grass, Elly was about to get the shock of her life when she saw who they were about to meet.

"Oh my god, it's Gai Waterhouse!" she said.

"And she's standing right next to the Melbourne Cup. Does it get more Melbourne than that? I don't know!"

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After exclaiming that Elly was a "doll" Gai squeezed herself between the couple, taking them each by the hand like a professional third-wheel towards the shiny Cup.

"And I'm going to let you touch it, aren't you lucky little creatures?" Gai exclaimed as she handed Elly and Matt a white glove each.

Everyone needs a Gai. Photo: Network 10.

Not only did Gai congratulate Matt's strength in lifting the Cup up, she also scolded him for taking up Elly's time with the trophy ("You've had your go") which is the perfect blend for navigating the role of third wheel on a date.

Gai Waterhouse is the unlikely 'Bachelor' star that none of us was expecting but fans were extremely into her exuberant energy.

Former 'Bachelor' and 'Bachelor in Paradise' star Alisha Aitken-Radburn even sent out a warning to any future suitors after seeing Gai's magic.

And one fan even put Gai's name forward for 'The Bachelorette'.

We'd sure watch that!

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