'They've Got More Followers Than Me': The Bachelor's Renee Has Insta-Famous Doggos

Renee Barrett failed to score a rose from Matt Agnew but at least she can go home to her very popular pups.

Her adorable Aussie teacup chihuahuas -- Chico and Chapo -- have their very own social media account, with thousands more followers than their own dog mum.

The tiny pooches even have their own distinct personalities with Chico described as "bossy and boisterous" while Chapo is "warm and wondrous" -- which sounds a lot like the personalities of some of our 'The Bachelor Australia' contestants.

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Speaking to 10 daily after her elimination, Renee explained why she decided to thrust her cute doggos into the limelight.

"I decided to be one of those Instagram stage mums, I was like ‘why not make an Instagram and see how it goes’, and within two weeks it just absolutely kicked off."

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The pups -- who are brothers -- have even attracted attention from "people in America who have written articles about them" according to the proud Bachie contestant.

"Everyone loves dogs!" she told 10 daily. 

"I mean, they’ve got more followers than me, how embarrassing that? But I love it, I love it for them," she laughed. "I’m a proud dog mum."

Renee told us that Chico and Chapo spent time with her mum and also her grandparents while she was busy over at 'The Bachelor Australia' mansion.

"The dogs are very good friends with my grandparents’ dogs, they just kind of managed them while I was away, and they were quite happy, which was good!" she explained. 

But she added that, despite missing out on a rose quite early in the competition, she was desperate to get back to her teacup chihuahuas.

"You have NO IDEA!" she said of how difficult it was being away from her fur babies. 

"I missed them so much, and they sleep with me, because they’re so little, so I missed them every single night, it was really hard!

"They’re like my children, I think. I missed them a lot, I spoke about them a lot, I was really happy to get home to my boys!"

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