Deciphering Suns, Moons and Rising Signs: How To Read Your Astrology Birth Chart

Like 'Bachelor Australia' contestant Abbie, you may well know that you're a Gemini -- but there's so much more to understanding your astrological profile.

While you're probably aware of your Sun sign, calculating the rest of your astro chart involves knowing the exact time and place of your birth to work out what the planets were doing in the sky the moment you arrived on Earth.

If you've often felt you don't fit the stereotypical traits of say, a Virgo, finding out your Rising, Moon, Mercury, Mars and Venus signs can start to paint a bit of a clearer picture of what ~astrology~ has to say about your life.

Your Sun Sign
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You'll most likely know what your Sun sign is already -- it's the one that you'll find when you read your horoscope in a magazine. So, if you're born between March 21 and April 19 your Sun sign is in Aries.

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Astrologer Greg Summers told 10 daily our Sun signs are the most "fundamental element of our chart", but that it's not necessarily the most important.

"All elements of our charts can help or hinder us, according to our wants and needs in the flow of our world," he said.

So, text your mum for your birth time, calculate your chart over at Cafe Astrology and let's explore those other elements!

Your Ascendant Or Rising Sign

Your rising sign is often referred to as the 'mask' that you show to the world -- so if you're a Taurus with a Scorpio Rising, people might assume you're actually a Scorpio. According to Summers, the ascendant "represents our positive trajectory, the good things coming to us and the places we're headed".

Your Moon Sign

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Just like night and day, our Moon sign represents very different elements from the Sun, according to Summers.

"Our moon placement represents our feminine energies -- the creative, emotive, fertile side of ourselves," he told 10 daily. 

"Our moon placement, therefore, shows us how those energies are balanced in relation to more masculine energies of the sun, and the different elements represented by the various stars and planets."

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The planet Venus was named after the Roman goddess of love, but according to Summers, our Venus sign is often more about lust than it is romance.

"...While it is often interpreted as romantic, it hugely leans toward the more physical, bestial, erotic side of those relationships," he explained. 

Understanding your Venus sign (or your significant other's) can tell you a lot about your preferred methods of flirting, dating and how you understand the art of seduction.

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Your Mars Sign

"Our Mars sign is about conflict and anger," Summers said, of the planet so-named for the Roman god of war.

"It is often closer to our Venus sign than people like to consider, but both of these charts are about physical dominance, combat and the release of energies."

So, if your Mars is in the strong-willed sign of Aries, you're probably quick to get a little fired up but if it's in a more peace-loving sign like Pisces, you may be "hesitant to engage in a conflict head-on" according to Summers.

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Your Mercury Sign

Mercury, the Roman messenger god, is the planet that rules communication in the world of astrology. It's a good indicator of how you'll click with a potential friend or soul mate.

"Mercury, being closest to the sun, is the planet connected with our most intimate relationships," Summers said.

"As such, it does tend to connect us to those with whom we’ll forge a stronger, more long-lasting bond. If our Mercury charts align, then we will develop a far closer, more spiritual bond."

Everything Else

Guys, there is a lot to learn about astrology and we haven't even gone into your Neptune, Pluto, Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn signs. While those planets have longer orbits, they tend to rule generations rather than just individuals -- so we're going to keep things simple, for now.

But we will be tapping into this info to see if we can use astrology to predict who our Bachelor Matt Agnew ends up with so watch this space!

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