Bumble Is Opening A Cafe With 'Date-Friendly' Food On The Menu

Popular dating app Bumble is opening a cafe where messy food is absolutely banned.

Instead of hitting up a local bar or restaurant with someone you've matched with online, Bumble wants to corral awkward first dates into a designated area they're calling Bumble Brew.

The cafe/wine bar is set to open later this year in New York City's SoHo neighbourhood, because that's apparently where the majority of Bumble users are busily swiping their hearts out.

Of the app's 60 million-plus users in 150 countries, a whopping 40 percent reside in Manhattan, Bumble's chief of staff Caroline Ellis Roche told Bloomberg.

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And when those hordes of singles decide its time to meet up with someone they've been texting, they'll now have access to a menu that won't leave them horribly embarrassed in front of a potential life-partner/someone they'll just ghost in a week or two.

We're not sure who created this list of banned and acceptable foods (because surely you wouldn't want to date anyone who isn't okay with you spilling bolognese sauce down your top?) but pasta has made it on to the list of food you'll never see on the menu at Bumble Brew.

dinner pasta GIF

“No spaghetti -- nothing that would be awkward on a first date,” Ellis Roche confirmed to Bloomberg.

Chicken wings and saucy burgers are also unacceptable, and we're guessing they won't be serving any noodle soups, tacos or cheeks of mango.

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The new cafe is teaming up with a hospitality group that includes the famous Charlie Bird. Apparently, the eatery's farro salad has made it onto the list of non-awkward foods to eat, presumably because you can take dainty bites?

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And shockingly, CROISSANTS will be served during the day, a pastry that leaves a trail of flaky destruction no matter how hard you try and contain its deliciousness.

Singles hoping to couple up will also be allowed slices of prosciutto, Italian deli sandwiches and a selection of wines, which you'll definitely need a glass of after you navigate the Dos and Don'ts Of Eating In Front Of Another Human Being.

The cafe/restaurant will also be used for Bumble Biz, the company's networking platform and Bumble BFF parties.

According to Ellis Roche, Bumble has plans to expand the brick and mortar concept to other cities, so we may well be finding love over a farro salad in Australia in the next couple of years.

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