Thomas Markle Slams New Meghan And Harry Movie As 'Dumb Fiction'

Thomas Markle is not happy about his portrayal in Lifetime's tv film about Meghan and Harry.

Thomas Markle is back, and this time he's giving a scathing review of Lifetime's made-for-TV film 'Harry & Meghan: Becoming Royal', which aired Monday.

Speaking to TMZ, the 74-year-old criticised the film, which follows the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's first year of marriage, as "dumb fiction", as well as labelling it as “awful and chock full of made up crap”.

“I’m incredibly disappointed in how the flick portrayed us in the run-up to the royal wedding and feel personally attacked by the network,” he added.

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He also accused the network of making it appear as though he had 'bailed' on walking Meghan, down the aisle during her extravagant wedding to Prince Harry in May, with Thomas insisting that he was unable to attend the royal wedding due to ill health.

Meanwhile, in more Markle family drama, Meghan's half-brother Thomas Markle Jr has revealed that he's been forced to live in a hotel room in Oregon with fiancée Darlene, her son and their dogs after losing his job and his home.

In an interview with The Sun,  he says that his life has been "under a microscope" following his half-sister's wedding and now no one wants to hire him for work.

Thomas Markle Jr. Image: Getty

"It’s all because my life suddenly got catapulted into the spotlight -- through no fault of my own," he told the publication, adding, “Now there’s been so much said about me -- both true and untrue -- no one wants to lease me a house or give me a job."

“It’s tough to accept -- especially when I never asked for any this."

He then criticised Meghan, saying the situation "could have been handled better at the beginning".

“It’s a fight for the Markle family -- I hope it shows Meghan that she does have a family here that she may have forgotten about and that it hasn’t been easy for any of us having our lives turned upside down," he continued.

“I’ve got through my whole entire life working successfully and living a comfortable life and now for the first time I don’t have that any more."

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