Smoking Weed Together Is Good For Relationships, According To Science

Couples who use marijuana are more likely to have loving, caring, or supportive experiences, a new study reported.

New research from the University of Houston and the University at Buffalo observed the effects of marijuana use on 138 couples over 30 consecutive days.

The researchers looked at the effects of the heterosexual couples' marijuana consumption. They found that when people smoke the drug with their partners, they are more likely to report intimate experiences with one another such as loving, caring, or supportive behaviour.

Even when only one person in the couple uses marijuana and the other person is present, the likelihood of intimate events increases.

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The researchers stated these strong positive effects of smoking marijuana with a partner may reinforce continued use, and may also explain the long-term beneficial effects of marijuana use on relationships over time.

However, they also noted that this may have implications for people who are trying to end their use of the drug.

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In an earlier study, the same group of researchers found couples who smoke marijuana in the same period reported greater relationship satisfaction and were also less angry following a conflict resolution task.

The study recruited 149 couples who had also been used for a wider study on the effects of heavy drinking on partners' behaviour during a provocation.

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The couples' intimate events, relationship quality, and behaviours were assessed through a combination of self-report data and observation by the researchers.

Couples attended laboratory sessions, where they were given 15 minutes to work toward a resolution for conflict.

The couples were rated on constructiveness, withdrawal, demanding behaviour, and anger.

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When couples used marijuana together, they reported greater relationship satisfaction and less anger than the couples who were getting high separately.

When the couples smoked marijuana independently of one another, they showed far more dysfunctional behaviour in their conflict resolution task.

This strain on the relationship was seen particularly when only the female in the couple (it was not specified whether all the couples were heterosexual) got high.

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The researchers theorised that this was either because women who used marijuana may be associated with greater overall deviancy, or because men are less accommodating of their partner's impairment than women tend to be.

While this study paints a positive picture of marijuana use between couples, other investigations have found that marijuana use was negatively associated with stable and high-quality relationships in adolescents.

Small but significant associations have also been discovered between marijuana use and intimate partner violence.