Osher Günsberg Is Ready For 'The New Frontier With A Baby'

Chatting to 10 Daily ahead of the 'Bachelor in Paradise Tell All' last week, Osher gave us the scoop on how everyone's doing.

"Audrey’s doing great!" Osh exclaimed happily of wife Audrey Griffen. "It's all very interesting and very exciting."

A step-dad already to 15-year-old Georgia, Osher said that the family has "cast off from the dock of the life that we lived as the three of us and we’re setting sail on the seas … and soon we’ll land on the new frontier with a baby".

Calling it "extraordinary", Osher went on to observe that "essentially our whole society is geared around babies and children", something which will work in his favour once the bub is born.

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"Any problem that we will possibly encounter, I am not worried about because everything to do with raising a kid -- every question that I could have, someone has been there and has an answer," he explained. "I’m lucky to be surrounded by my brothers who are great fathers to their children, and a close group of friends who are great fathers to their children, so I’m one phone call away from someone who can help me with any problems that I might have."

And when it came to Audrey, Osher couldn't sing his wife's praises enough.

"Audrey’s been there before and Audrey did it by herself," he said, gushing: "She’s an exceptional woman, she’s so smart and she’s very funny and I have absolutely no doubt that between her and Georgia, we’re gonna be just fine!"

Photo: Instagram