Why Men And Women Get Horny At Different Times Of Day

A new survey has revealed that men and women get horny at opposite ends of the day.

Have you ever found that you and your significant other are out of sex sync?

When do you want to have sex?

That's not an offer, by the way, it's a question.

Are you all about a quickie when you get home from work? Do you wait 'til you've wound down with a glass of wine? Or maybe you're raring to go right when you wake up.

And what about your partner? Are they aligned with your sex drive or would they rather sleep when you want to, well, do other things?

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According to a survey conducted by online sex toy retailer Lovehoney, the clock may be to blame for your missed sexual encounters. The survey looked at 2,300 men and women and found that the biggest factor of missed sexual encounters may simply be time.

In fact, the study found that men and women actually feel horniest at opposite ends of the day.

Men, they say, want to have sex the most between 6 am and 9 am with their peak lovemaking time being 7.54 am exactly -- set your watches, prospective shags! Women, on the other hand, are found to be in the mood at 11.21 pm according to Lovehoney -- however, in general, peak times are between the hours of 11 pm and 2 am.

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Lovehoney co-owner Richard Longhurst said: "This shows that there are big differences in sex o'clock between the sexes. "Men are ready for sex just before breakfast whereas women most want passion last thing at night."

Don't fret though, if that's you.  Richard says that things can all even out with the right person.

What is encouraging is that most people tend to find sexual happiness in the end with a partner with similar needs."

According to GP and sex expert Dr Sally Cockburn, it's that sentence that is the most important part of the research findings.

"It doesn't matter what time you have sex, as long as you're both happy with your sex life," she told 10 daily. "I worry with these kinds of survey results that people will think there is something wrong with them if their sex life doesn't match up."

If that's so, she's here to tell you -- it's all fine. Whatever rocks your world, in fact, is a-okay.

As for the rule that men are horny in the morning, Dr Cockburn says that while they may indeed be, well, standing to attention when they wake up, it isn't necessarily always because they're ready for action.

"Men's morning erections aren't always related to wanting sex," she said. "It's often just physiological.

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"Just because you have an erection doesn't mean you have to use it,"  she continued.

According to Health Line, not only are morning erections a physiological phenomenon, but men get the same kinds of erections throughout the night as well.

"Men may experience an erection three to five times each night. Unrelated to what's in your dreams, nocturnal penile tumescence or NPT can last up to and even longer than 30 minutes. Some men may experience an erection as long as two hours during their sleep. Most erections will ease within a few minutes of waking up."

Phew, time to breathe easy guys, if you're feeling exhausted just reading this.

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In another survey, this time by condom brand SKYN, it seems that -- to be honest -- time of day is actually the last thing on millennials' minds when it comes to the bedroom.

They surveyed 1,000 Gen Z adults and 1,000 millennials on a host of questions about their bedroom habits and found some rather interesting things.

Like the fact that  32 percent of millennials and Gen Z adults are open to having a threesome, 31 percent have had one and 65 percent of respondents say that "penis size is important".

In addition, 27 percent had used dildos, 25 percent had used handcuffs and 37 percent had filmed themselves having sex.

When it comes to position, the SKYN survey showed that missionary came second to doggy style, brunettes have more multiple orgasms than blondes and regardless of time of day, stats show on average, we all engage in three 'self-love' sessions a week. Yep, day or night we're all a bunch of w***ers.


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