Today's Youth Are Apparently Single, Happy And Having LOTS Of Solo Sex

Young people today are happily single and having lots of solo sex according to recent research.

Dating app Tinder quizzed it's 18 to 25-year-old users and found that 86 percent of them were totally chill with their single status -- in fact, they said that flying solo "positively affects their lives."

Three-quarters of young Tinderers revealed they've taken a "conscious uncoupling" approach to dating -- which is a very Gwyn Paltrow circa 2016 way of saying that they've decided to be single for a while.

They're using that 'me-time' to focus on other things such as self-care, careers, friends and family.

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"Now, young people see a relationship as an added bonus to their already successful and positive lives, rather than the centre of their universe, which is certainly a paradigm shift from a few generations ago,' Tinder’s dating and relationship trend expert, Dr Darcy Sterling, said. 

Another sex survey released this year,  by condom brand SKYN, shed some light on just what these young'uns are getting up to during their 'me-time.' Hold on to your hats as it's pretty x-rated.

Sure, both Millennials and Gen Z's -- that's pretty much everyone in their teens, 20s and 30s -- are having sex on average nine times a month, which is more than twice a week btw.

Here's the kicker -- they're masturbating three times more a month. Yep, that's right -- young people are having more sex with themselves than with others.

So, is this anything to do with the rise of the self-love movement or are Millennials/Gen Z's just a bit selfish when it comes to sex?

"I think we are much more educated than ever before on satisfying ourselves -- and it's more to do with feeling like we can care for ourselves in this way too instead of a more selfish attitude," Holly Bartter, dating expert and founder and director of Matchsmith told 10 daily.

The more we can know what we like, the better our love lives will be with our partners -- it's absolutely essential, and gives us more confidence when we are getting intimate in the offline world and giving pleasure to others.

Perhaps young people aren't as selfish as we first thought -- the SKYN survey also revealed over two-thirds of Millennials and Gen Z's have participated in a threesome or would consider the idea.

There is one thing today's youth won't budge on and that's social media. SKYN found that more than half of young people would prefer to give up sex over their Insta account for a year.

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According to Bartter, it might have something to do with the instant gratification and sense of control social media allows. After all, we can curate and filter our image on Instagram while sex, on the other hand, is raw, and up-close and intimate.

"Having the confidence to just let go and enjoy yourself doesn't always come naturally," she said.

For half of Millennials and Gen Z's, direct messaging on social media is their preferred hookup method but in Bartter's opinion, it's all about balancing online and IRL.

"Intimacy is most satisfying in-person -- social media is a great way to make a connection with someone you wouldn't come across in your everyday routine, but it can't be the only means of feeling good," Bartter explained.

"I always emphasise that the focus has to be moving offline when the initial connection has been made," she added.

Feature image: Netflix.