Some Of The Most Original And Quirkiest Wedding Invites Out There

A wedding invite that was written in the format of an academic journal is getting a big thumbs up online.

The invite, shared by wedding guest and Twitter user Jason Spraitz, follows the layout of a typical scholarly article to hilarious effect.

The brain behind the creative invite is reportedly the bride-to-be -- known only as Annie -- who made sure to include keywords, sub-headings and footnotes.

The section "Background and Rationale" explains the couple's reasoning for deciding to tie the knot and details their relationship thus far.

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"Following the breakthrough discovery of meeting each other, they have travelled, lived, and continued to grow together," the invite reads.

Advancing beyond shared happiness, the authors hope to disseminate the joy of their union to the public. Your attendance is requested.

FYI -- the "authors" of the "Systematic Review and Announcement" aka the invite are the happy couple. Cute, no?

Guests can expect "the standard protocols of exposure to good company and fun" along with "beatific backdrops" and "delightful gastronomic programming."

Nothing like some exposure to good company.

The included RSVP card requires the "reviewers" (guests) to "ACCEPT" or "REJECT" the authors' 'findings' in order to indicate whether they are able to attend.

The nerdy invite is getting a big thumbs up online.


It's not the first time a couple has sent out ~unique~ wedding invites. Brenton Wiernik and Karl Petersen released their 'paper' "Marital Union of Scientists in Separate Fields: Invitation to Celebrate Their Love" in 2016.

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Enjoy this incredi-bell wordplay.

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This sounds like a performance of a lifetime.

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Show us the money!

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We can see right through this one.

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Guilty as charged.

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If love's a game then we want to play.

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