This Wild MTV Show Sets People Up With Clones Of Their Celebrity Crushes

Contestants on MTV dating show 'Game Of Clones' must choose from not one but seven celebrity lookalikes to find their "one and clonely."

Single gal Nicole Zanatta was a contestant on the TV network's new series which premiered on February 21.

The 28-year-old was all set to go on a date with a doppelgänger of her celeb crush, "Goodies" singer Ciara -- little did she know she'd be faced with not one but seven lookalikes of her dream girl.

Yup -- the firefighter walked right into a room full of women who looked identical to Ciara right down to their blonde locks and tight black leather skirts.

Talk about seeing double, right?

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Three of the Ciaras. Image: Instagram/@gameofclonesmtv.

"My first thought was, which one do I hook up with first?" Zanatta told the NY Post. Easy, tiger!

Spoilt for choice, Zanatta -- who happens to be a triplet herself -- quickly realised that she couldn't just base her choice off looks alone.

"[I had] to find something that sticks out about their personality," she said.

That's the whole premise of the series -- to prompt contestants to see past appearances to the 'clones' true self.

The 'real' Ciara. Image: Getty.

That, and freak them and viewers out, of course.

One Instagram user commented, "This show is fucking HORRIFYING."

Another claimed she couldn't watch it, saying, "The concept is just too weird!"

Others wrote, "this is weird and I don’t get it lol."

Joining Zanatta on her quest for her true Ciara are Jersey Shore resident DJ Pauly D -- who's seeking a Megan Fox lookalike -- and Teen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry who has her pick of rapper Quavo derivatives.

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Things get pretty strange, as you'd expect. Pauly D puts his Megans through challenges such as weight-lifting and doing his laundry at which point one eager Ms Fox removes one of his socks with her teeth. Hmmmkay.

Who'd think a show about dating seven celebrity clones could be so bizarre?

Zanatta admitted to struggling with what her Ciara's really looked like under the wigs and makeup. "I did not see any 'before' photos, which was the worst part," she said.

"I don’t know if they are wearing wigs, or their bra is padded or their ass is padded. At this point, I could be screwed."

Zanatta claimed her clone journey made her a "better person" -- we wonder if she can look at a photo of Ciara in the same way ...

Feature image: Instagram/@gameofclonesmtv.