Science Says Eating Seafood Is The Secret To Sexy Times This Valentine's Day

A study has found that couples who ate more seafood had more sex making it perfect romantic fare if you're keen to get lucky this Valentine's Day.

If you always thought the old wive's tales about seafood being one of mother nature's best aphrodisiacs were a bit, ahem ... fishy well, it turns out it's all true.

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism has found that people who ate two or more portions of seafood a week spent more time between the sheets.

The researchers followed 500 couples in the US for a whole year, asking them to record how much seafood they ate and how often they got frisky in the sack.

They found that couples were 39 percent more likely to do the deed on days when they had both tucked into seafood, such as fish or oysters.

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And -- get this -- those who ate at least two portions a week romped an average of eight times a month, compared to six times for those who ate less.

Two extra romp sessions a month? Better swing by the seafood shop, STAT.

“Seafood is very high in protein, and researchers say the protein-rich foods like tuna, sardines and salmon can give your libido a boost and improve your stamina," explained Seafood Industry Australia CEO Jane Lovell.

Whether you love 'em or hate 'em there's no denying that oysters are great for getting in the mood for lurve -- notorious 18th Century lothario Casanova was said to throw down 50 for breakfast each day and hey, look how well that worked out for him.

The key to the molluscs' major mojo is they're rich in rare amino acids which can trigger increased levels of sex hormones, while their high zinc content provides the body with refuelling qualities, said Lovell.

Down the hatch!

Feature image: Paramount Pictures.