10 Spicy Gifts For A Valentine's Day To Remember

If you've got a bae for Valentine's Day -- or if you're flying solo -- make February 14 a memorable one with a spicy gift or three.

From food to flowers (kinda) to something a little NSFW, we've got you covered. Best of all, everything's under $40 -- and you can even make some things yourself.

My punny Valentine

Prove you're smart, sexy and funny with a giggle-inducing V-day card ($4.99 from Typo.)

Image: Typo.

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Oh my emoji

Lush has literally read everyone's dirty minds when it comes to the suggestible eggplant and peach emojis and created some NSFW limited-edition bath bombs -- which are $7.50 each -- in honour of Valentine's Day.

Image: Instagram/@lush_ausnz.

But please for the love of god do not put them up your ... *ahem* you-know-where.

For their eyes only

Just 'cause the cover of this album ($29 from Urban Outfitters) says 'Nudes' doesn't mean the pics inside have to be -- why not fill it with cute couple snaps? Or nudes, if you like.

Image: Urban Outfitters.
Off-beat bouquets

Forget roses ... the way to their heart is their stomach and wacky edible bouquets are the answer. For extra love points find out their fave food and whip up a bespoke bouquet. Think pickles ...

... or bacon ...

... or delightful bread and pastries.

On the cards

The great Taylor Swift once sang, "Love’s a game, want to play?" and it probably wasn't in reference to this cheeky card game ($40 from Honey Birdette) but it should've been.

Image: Honey Birdette.
Good vibrations

If you and/or your partner are hanging to get down with an emoji -- and who isn't tbh -- here are some that are totally safe, unlike the Lush bath bombs. These cute-as-heck Emojibators -- that's a combo of emoji and vibrator -- come in eggplant, banana and chilli and are $29 each from Urban Outfitters. 


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Pop that cherry

This Oh! Cherry Orgasm Balm ($14.95 from Lovehoney) is "the closest thing to climax on tap" -- if that sounds like your V-day cup of tea then you'd better add-to-cart.

Image: Lovehoney.
BYO bae

Don't have someone to snuggle up with on V-day? You can buy a bae -- not in that way -- in the form of a muscly chest and arm pillow ($19.99 from Cotton On.)

Image: Cotton On.
Hot nuggs

Prepare to get hot under the collar as Maccas are bringing back their Spicy Chicken McNuggets -- this time served with a Spicy Mayo. It's the perfect V-day meal for two, or one.

Image: McDonald's.
Thank u, next

If you're over the whole Valentine's Day thing -- we hear you -- wear your heart on your sleeve and your 'tude on your chest with this t-shirt ($19.99 from Cotton On.)

Image: Cotton On.

Feature image: Instagram/@lush_ausnz, Typo, Instagram/@bbqbozko.