So, People Have Done Some Real Crazy Sh*t To Impress Their Crushes

A Reddit user asked, "What was the dumbest thing you ever did to try and impress a girl or guy?" and oh boy did people answer.

If you've ever had the hots for someone you know what it means to throw caution to the wind and put your body, heart and pride on the line to impress said crush.

Whether that's wearing a ridiculous piece of clothing, presenting them with a small animal or renovating their house (seriously) nothing is off limits when you're trying to woo the object of your affection.

Here are some of the wildest things Reddit users have done in the name of L-O-V-E.

Romantic rapper

Nothing says 'be mine!' like expletive-filled Eminem.

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Changing rooms

Pass us a paintbrush, STAT.

Hola mi amor

We swear this is the plot to a teen Rom-Com ...


Talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve.

Broken hearts and broken bones

This had to hurt.

In fact, a lot of desperadoes ... er, we mean Romeos injured themselves in pursuit of their crush.

Bend at the knees, buddy!

Dancing with death

This cannot be true?!

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Hedging your bets

Who could say no to a darling hedgehog??

His name was Thor and here he is ...

Image: Imgur/QuinceyRaistlin1.

This takes spilling your guts to a whole new level.

PS. He never smoked again.

Naked ambition

He really *ahem* came clean.


They do say French is the language of love ...

Feature image: Touchstone Pictures.