Nicki Minaj Says She Has Sex Up To Four Times A Night, But Is That Even Possible?

In a tweet bound to live in infamy, Minaj revealed she likes to get down and dirty around three-to-four times a night.

If you thought that was a lot, the revelation was actually in response to another tweet from a fan who suggested she was getting action at least six times a night.

Needless to say, the general population were shook.


All jokes aside, the revelation begs the question: can a  man really have sex that many times in one night? Good sex, we mean.

Well, according to Samantha X, the woman otherwise known as Australia's most famous escort, the answer is "probably not".

"I don't know who she's having sex with but he must be under 21 or she's having sex with a woman," she told 10 daily. "Look, once or twice a night, yes, but any more than that then the bloke is taking some form of medication like Viagra."

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But according to Dr Sally Cockburn, otherwise known as Dr Feelgood, that's not entirely correct.

"It's very possible for a man to have sex four times in one night," she told 10 daily. "Humans have a thing called a refractory period -- for men that is that period after orgasming where they find it hard to get it back up. The period seems to be shorter in younger men and longer in older men -- which is why it may take them longer to get hard."

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Dr Cockburn was quick to add that she's never had a patient come into her practice to complain about the number of times their partner was able to have sex in one night.

"Personally, I would prefer quality over quantity," she said.

The situation changes dramatically, however, for those trying to get pregnant, with Dr Cockburn advising those trying for a baby to opt for a "less is more" mantra.

"One of the downsides would be that, obviously, the more times the man ejaculates in a session the more diluted the sperm is going to be," she explained. "So if you’re trying to get pregnant it’s quality, not quantity."

Dr Cockburn then went on to school us on the issue of ejaculation vs orgasm,  explaining that men "can have one without the other".

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She explains: "Ejaculation is the act of semen coming out of the man's penis, whereas an orgasm happens in your head. They mostly happen at the same time -- but you can ejaculate without orgasming."

As for Samantha X, she just has one final request: "If Nicki Minaj is serious, can she please send me the man's number."

Us too, 'sis. Us too.

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