A Body Language Expert Says It's Actually Easy To Tell If A Date Likes You

If you're hooking up on Tinder, once you swipe, you know you're liked, right? But what happens when you meet up in person?

How can you tell if you gel?

After all, people are generally polite and will say all the right things to your face, seem to find you attractive and then... well, then not call or text, like EVER AGAIN.

And dating is stressful enough without the guessing game that ensues.  Especially when you think you're giving them all the right signals...


So what if we told you there were tells, as in poker, that would prevent you wondering if someone liked you (and conversely prevent people from wondering if you like them, too).

Well, according to behavioural expert and body language guru Dr Louise Mahler, there are a few things you can look for during the course of a date so you know where you stand (and if you have to get some matching undies, if you get our drift...).

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And while with body language generally, it's best to know the person first so you can see any changes in the way they act, there are some things to note.

First, there is the seating arrangement.

"It's about whether the person is close to you -- within their leg distance -- that means kicking distance, and is leaning in towards you," Dr Mahler told 10 daily.

Then there are the signs of sexual attraction.  Are they doing a slow blink as they look at you? Then they're hooked.

"Touch is also an important thing -- and they have a breathy voice," Dr Mahler said. "I mean, there is little extra breath in their voice and the pitch is lower. They are all signs of sexual attraction."

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So why does your voice get breathy exactly?

"When you're sexually excited the vocal folds swell up," explained Dr Mahler. "They open and close normally very cleanly-- they snap together like scissors --  but when we're sexually excited they swell up and they don't meet cleanly and what that  means is the air escapes when you speak and you sound breathy"

It's the same as other parts of the body, they swell up when you're sexually excited -- the voice is a sign other parts of the body are swelling up as well. In both men and in women."

Goodness, is it hot in here?

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So what if they don't like you? No swelling anywhere? Well, no, and that isn't all.

Their body (and any swellable bits thereof) will be pointed away from you, for starters.

Said Dr Mahler, "if their body is at an angle, away from you, their feet will be pointing away from you too, which is a sign they want to walk away."

But that isn't all to look out for.  Oh no.  "They will sit away, further than the 'kicking distance',  and they will lean away, not into you" said Dr Mahler. "They stare or alternatively don't give you any eye contact at all, and they cross their arms to defend themselves, or cross their legs."


"They also withhold their air -- so instead of the air coming out in a breathy way, they're holding their breath in and the voice can come out as broken and stilted. Their voice may even go high, as opposed to deepening in pitch when they like you."

OK so now you know.

Don't take it personally.

Feature Image: Fox Searchlight