The Six Men You'll Date Before Meeting Mr Right

The Perfect Man isn't just the name of a Hilary Duff movie -- he does exist, and not just on the silver screen.

Women just have to kiss a few toads -- six, to be specific -- before they meet their prince.

That's according to Tala Scott, relationship expert, author and founder of Evolve Today, who wants ladies who are looking for love to know that even though it can take a while, dating Mr Wrong(s) will eventually lead you to Mr Right.

"Unless we begin educating women about the NEW formula for love, they will keep repeating the same limiting patterns and attract relationships that break-down with devastating heartbreak," Scott explained.

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So, who is this mysterious, sought-after perfect match? The "Divine Relationship" Scott spoke about?

Why it's one Mr Darcy of Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice, of course. Sure, he's a bit stern and aloof, and he and Lizzie Bennet don't quite hit it off at the start, but he turns out to be fiercely loyal and deeply loving.

"True love really does exist ... so go find your Mr Darcy!" said Scott.

Here we go then.

Mr Grey

"Ah yes, we’ve all fallen for the infamous Mr Grey," said Scott.

"He wants you close enough to exercise control, but never closer than arm's length emotionally. His intrigue is a product of being emotionally distant, and he still carries the baggage of his first heartbreak."

Her final words of advice? "Don’t think you can change him! Love should not be difficult."

Mr McDreamy

"Meeting someone that feels like your soul-mate is a fulfilling and beautiful experience. This loving relationship based on care and mutual understanding arms you with the tools and knowledge of how to love," Scott explained.

"If this intense connection doesn’t evolve into the Divine Relationship, it will teach you a lesson about self-mastery and inner confidence."

Mr Unavailable

"This relationship has a deep love that is required in the Divine Relationship, but there is something missing," said Scott.

"Mr Unavailable can’t offer you one or more of these connections: heart, body, soul and mind. This relationship isn’t a complete, full love. This man is emotionally, mentally or physically unavailable."

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Mr Upgrade

"Mr Upgrade has a strong connection to your soul and an even better understanding of the real you," Scott explained.

There is a spiritual magnetism to your relationship, and an attraction to the soul. However, this soulful attraction often can’t translate due to an unhealed past relationship that will interfere with your intimate connection.
Mr Variety

"Mr Variety -- a.k.a. the ladies man -- is the charming centre of attention that can’t seem to keep his eyes on one girl!"

According to Scott, "This heartthrob will be in and out of your life in a flash once the connection gets too intense for him, leaving you burning for more and wondering what went wrong."

Mr Duality

"Mr Duality is your twin in terms of your values, thoughts and strengths, with a deep sense of care and protection in your relationship," said Scott.

"There is always some sort of difficulty when it comes to entering a committed relationship, and it is often due to unrequited romantic love."

Mr Darcy

"Your search is over when you meet your love of a lifetime, Mr Darcy," Scott said.

"The love is complete in the heart, body, soul and mind, and the love is unconditional. He sees nothing but perfection and beauty in you and makes you see it in yourself too. This Divine Union Relationship shows you how easy true love can really be!"

Feature image: Focus Features, BBC, Shondaland.