The Subtle Sign Someone Is Totally Into You According To Science

Hint: you might want to listen up on your next date.

Dating, particularly in its early, getting-to-know-each-other stages, is pretty nerve-wracking. Whether you're a guy or a gal, your focus throughout your romantic rendezvous tends to be on yourself.

Is my hair okay? Do I have something in my teeth? Was that joke about their mum really uncool? (It probably was tbh.)

You might want to listen to your date more if a recent study is anything to go by, as it might tell you if your potential Romeo or Juliet is totally diggin' you.

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It's not so much about what they're saying, according to research published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences journal, but the pitch that they're using.

The study found that both men and women tend to lower their voices when speaking to someone they had the hots for.

Listening in

Researches eavesdropped on the convos of 30 speed-daters, with the male/female couples spending six minutes chatting each other up.

After each interaction, both parties wrote down a 'yes' or a 'no' to indicate whether they were interested in their date.

Blokes lowered the pitch of their voices when interacting with ladies who they later 'yes'd' -- and those women typically gave them a 'yes' back.

Men also spoke in a lower voice to women who'd received heaps of 'yes's' from their competing males (even though they were unaware of this at the time.)

Then the researchers studied the women's voices and that's where things got interesting.

A twist

Ladies followed a similar trend to men in that they lowered their voices when speaking to guys they thought were cute, and with guys who were considered cute by other women as well.

This was unexpected.

"Our results contradict the prediction that women ubiquitously feminize their voices towards preferred potential mates, as this was not the case on dates with highly desirable men," the study reported.

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This goes against the common conception that women use girly, high-pitched voices to woo a man -- sorry, Marilyn Monroe but we're looking at you here.

It looks like men were a fan of lower-voiced women, too -- "women with a lower pitch ... were more desired by men," the study stated.

We're all ears

Researchers concluded that their speed-dating guinea pigs ... er, we mean, men and women changed the pitch of their voice depending on the desirability of their date.

In basic, evolutionary terms, when a gal or guy saw someone they wanted *ahem* mate with, they switched to a lower voice.

So next time you're fussing over the state of your hair or teeth on a date, stop, and take a moment to listen to your companion's voice -- they might be trying to tell you something.

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