It's Official: We're Getting More Sex Than Our Parents

So much for the 'Free Love' generation.

As it turns out Generation X and Millenials are getting laid a helluva lot more than their Baby Boomer parents ever did.

Don't believe us? Well, take it from the healthcare company euroClinix, who surveyed more than 2,000 people for the study which aimed to get an insight into how our sexual behaviours have changed over the years.

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According to the research Baby Boomers (those aged between 54-72) had the least amount of sexual partners -- averaging 10.7 during their lifetime.

Boomer women had fewer partner's than their male counterparts -- 7.4 compared with 12.9.

Millennials (those aged between 23 and 37) were a lot more active between the sheets -- they've already clocked up an average of 11.6 partners.

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Despite the, ahem, rise, it appears some things never change with males still averaging more sexual partners than women -- 13.4 compared to 10.8.

The big surprise here is that it's actually Generation Xers (those aged between 38 and 53) who seem to be even more liberated than the younger generation -- amassing an average of 13.1


On a whole, however, despite only having been on the earth since the early 90s, Generation Z (those born after 1995) is well on track to rack up the most lovers -- already amassing an average of 5.6 sexual partners.

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