The Clever Marriage Proposal Hidden In Popular Aussie Quiz

There is absolutely nothing trivial about this story.

Every Saturday morning across Australia, countless people pit their brains against each other in Fairfax Media's Good Weekend magazine quiz.

Dennis Neuen and Melissa Godwin are two such people.

Neuen is a 27-year-old doctor based in regional NSW, who met his partner and now fiancée) at medical school in Sydney.

As Fairfax Media reports today, back in September, Neuen sent a letter to Good Weekend asking if they could make a mock-up of the quiz for his marriage proposal.

The Good Weekend team had a better idea. Instead of making a pretend quiz, they decided to incorporate his marriage proposal into the actual quiz which was published in the magazine today.

So it was that question 25 of the Good Weekend quiz was not asking about geography, music, literature, sport, or how many African countries have the letter "z" in them.

(Seriously, they have questions like that all the time. It's both fun and annoying.)

Instead, question 25 read: "Establish the message hidden in today's quiz: it has been constructed using the first letter of every question."

If you squint but can't quite read the first letter of each question in the tweet below, it read:


(The Rose part was because Melissa's middle name is Rosamond.)

The big question we all want the answer to: did she say yes?


For the record, the trivia-obsessed couple aren't actually much good at the quiz. They reckon they only get about half the questions right each week.

This week, only one question mattered. And they both nailed it.

Featured image: Twitter

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