New Study Finally Reveals What Men And Women Look For In Sexual Partners

It's no longer just your looks that will get you loved up.

A new Queensland University Of Technology study has revealed that your personality has a lot to do with how much sex you will have.

If you're a man, that is.

Men with a greater range of personality traits, especially those deemed extraverted, emotionally stable, agreeable or conscientious, have sex more often and produce more children, according to the new QUT study.

Behavioural economists Dr Stephen Whyte, Dr Ho Fai Chan and Professor Benno Torgler looked  into personality, sex and offspring and what they found shows, well, what we've kinda known all along.

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It's this: Women aren't too fussy when it comes to looks, but after that it's all down to a man's... personality. Which means we've been admiring Ryan Gosling's personality all this time, right?

And -- shock horror --  men, meanwhile, focus more on women's looks.

For men who want to have more success in the sack, it's there in black and white -- if you have certain combinations of personality traits you'll get more sex. Simple.  According to the study, these are high extraversion and high agreeableness, high extraversion and high conscientiousness, and high agreeableness with high conscientiousness.

Write them down, fellas.

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The study, using samples of the Australian online dating population, showed that personality traits in both sexes affect sexual frequency and reproductive success, though it was far more an issue for men than women.

And it didn't stop at just sex, either. Different personality traits mean men will have more kids, too -- for that, you need high extroversion combined with low openness, apparently. Women are more likely to sleep with men who have some  personality types, and are likely to have children with men who have  others.

Men, on the other hand, concentrated more on a partner's looks  -- though the study also found that extroverted women had more sex than introverted women, while women with high agreeableness tended to have more children.

None of the other characteristics had any impact on women’s success in dating and romance, according to the research.

In other words, as long as they're physically attracted to you, men are less fussy.

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