Surprise! Men And Women Can't Agree If Kissing Is Considered Cheating

Our lips are sealed.

Men are from Mars and women are indeed from Venus, as far as their views on sneaky non-partner pashing is concerned.

Three quarters of the fairer sex consider kissing someone other than their significant other as cheating, while only half of blokes agree.

That's according to a survey of over 2000 Brits by BBC Radio 5 Live, which quizzed listeners on their sex and relationship habits.

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Guys and gals were on the same page when it came to having sex outside of a relationship, with both genders -- 94 percent of women and 89 percent of men -- calling a roll in the sheets with someone else cheating.

Melissa Ferrari, Sydney-based psychotherapist, counsellor and couples therapist, weighed in on the is-kissing-cheating? debate with a firm 'yes!'

"When we kiss someone it creates all the hormones like dopamine which promotes romantic love, and oxytocin which is the hormone released when bonding with another and testosterone which increases sex drive," Ferrari told 10 daily.

"This is a powerful cocktail which for most has an addictive experience. This is a threat to your relationship with your current partner which affects safety and security in romantic love."

When asked about the split in opinion between genders when it comes to what actually constitutes cheating, Ferrari explained that it likely comes down intimacy.

"I think kissing is associated so much with being in love for women, so that could be what’s happening here. Kissing is very intimate."

Both women and men enjoy [kissing] but for women it may be more loaded with feelings associated will love and romance.

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If you find out that your partner has kissed someone else, Ferrari had these tips on how you might broach the subject and -- if you wish to -- work through it.

"If this person means a lot to you or is your significant other and you feel safe in the relationship, let them know how you feel and that they mean the world to you," she told 10 daily.

"If it’s a relationship you value both of you need to “fix it” by making things safe again. If you need more help make an appointment with a professional couples therapist as soon as you can."

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