Sweet Or Selfish: The Mid-Marathon Proposal That's P*ssed People Off

The internet is NOT happy.

A man proposed to his girlfriend at the 25km-mark of a marathon on Sunday and it's got everyone really, really mad.

Jersey firefighter Dennis Galvin popped the question to Kaitlyn Curran, a nurse, during the 42km New York City race.

Curran had spotted her family cheering on the sidelines and ran over to say hi when lo and behold her boyfriend got down on one knee.

Galvin's cousin Kathleen Figueroa captured the moment on video.

"She cried a little bit, said yes, hugged him and then said 'OK, I have to go finish my race,'" she told CBS News.

People on the internet are not sharing in the couples' joy.

In fact, Galvin is being widely shamed for his actions, with many social media users furious that his selfish behaviour stole his future wife's thunder.

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One Twitter user wrote:

Wow, my girlfriend is going to accomplish something pretty remarkable, something she’s trained for months to achieve. When we talk about this day in years to come, what can I do to make it all about me?

"I would've kicked him but that's just me," was another user's thoughts.

The subsequent comments echoed this sentiment.

Image: Twitter/@jenmacramos.

A former NYC marathon runner added her personal opinion after being proposed to once she'd finished the race.

Still, there were some that came out to defend Galvin's actions.

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Others suggested that without having intimate insight into the couples' relationship it was hard to make a judgement call.

Another pointed out that the proposal may have boosted Curran's energy.

Curran’s cousin Rachel Bossabaly revealed that Galvin was not allowed to wait at the finish line to ask for her hand, hence why he did it mid-race.

She said,  “I can’t tell you all how happy and grateful she was and still is about how everything turned out."

“This is a happy memory that they will both have for the rest of their lives.”

Feature image: Rachel Bossbaly.