Peter Helliar Reveals His Top Tips For Staying Married

You might say Peter Helliar knows a thing or two about marriage ... or staying married to be exact

The Project funnyman tied-the-knot with his wife back in 2001 and they have three children together.

It all sounds pretty perfect and according to Peter it is ... well, most of the time. It's these  moments -- in between those picture perfect Instagram snaps -- that make-up most of the laughs in his new show, How To Stay Married.

As for his personal tips on how to make a relationship work, Peter told 10 daily he's been lucky because he's "an amazing lover -- but not everyone has that."

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Peter and his wife Bridget. Source: Getty

Jokes aside, Peter said that for all the "talking down marriage gets especially by comics" he loves being married.

All together now, aww!

But, as with everything, even a strong marriage requires a little tune-up now and then.

"It's important to engage and think of a way to surprise your partner sometimes," he said. "It can be as easy as a text message out of the blue, just an 'I love you'. That kind of stuff can work wonders".

The father-of-three also added that he's picked up a few handy hints as to what women want during his 17 years of marriage.

"I've found that occasionally clearing the dishwasher or wiping the kitchen bench can really help," he said.

How To Stay Married Airs Thursdays, 9pm on Network 10.