Can You Make Someone Fall In Love With You With A Spell?

It sounds almost too good to be true: Burn a candle, say a couple of words, think of your crush and then BAM! they'll fall madly in love with you.

If you think it sounds like witchcraft, you'd be right. But before you blow out your candles stay with us here -- because the ancient art of casting spells isn't all just a bunch of hocus pocus, and it's been around for a really long time.

Love spells dates back as far as 2200 BCE, with preserved tablets uncovered at Tell Inghara and Isin (now present day Iraq), detailing rituals of erotic magic.

Natural history author, Cheralyn Darcey, told ten daily that one of the main ingredients in love spells -- or spells of any kind -- are flowers due to the "natural energy they give off".

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"Flowers are the sexual parts of plants," she said.

"They're there to attract the pollinators, such as bees, and have energetic qualities through photosynthesis. It's that energy that we can utilise to bring about the change you desire in your life".

Darcey knows what's she's talking about. She's been studying the properties of flowers and plants for over 30 years and has so far released 14 books on the subject.

"A lot of the indigenous cultures used to incorporate plants into their rituals," she explained.

"We lost that tradition for a little while but we're getting it back"
Casting a spell

So can a love spell actually make someone fall head over heels for you? First things first. When it comes to using flowers to help you fall in love, Darcey is quick to remind readers of the principles surrounding white magic: "You cannot they change the will of another person".

"The spell works by changing the energy around yourself and around other people," she said. "A true love spell will make things change around you so that you attract the love you want and need".

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According to Darcey, a good love spell needn't involve a cauldron or the eye of a newt -- instead it should be a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

"It would start by doing something lovely, like having a nice relaxing bath and focusing on bringing the love you desire into your life," she said.

Does it even work?

Well, OK ... science is well and truly out on this one -- but there's plenty of anecdotal evidence around from those who've cast spells claiming they worked.

Take Darcey, for example. She tells the story of how she first cast a spell while travelling in Ireland back in 2013.

"I'd been trying to get my work published for over 30 years," she said.

So while I was overseas I just decided to do this spell I'd read about. A couple months later not only did I get published, but it's been five years since then and I'm still getting published
What's a good love spell then?

Taken from her latest book, The Book Of Flower Spells, Darcey shared this simple love spell that even the most sceptical among us can try.

Darcey said this spell is perfect for "someone looking for new love that will lead to a long-term relationship".

magic ingredients for your love spell

1 x lisianthus (sometimes names as "poor person's rose")

1 x red rose

1 x red candle

1 x pink candle

1 x map of an area you're like to find your new love in (such as your home/work)

Here's what you do
  1. Light both candles and place them on either side of the map.
  2. Write the qualities that you'd like in your new love on the map.
  3. Gently remove the petals from the flowers and let them drift down onto the map. As they fall say continuously: "Within the corners of this map my new love will be found".
  4. Scoop up the petals and then you drop them one-one-by-one from your front door -- like a path. As you do this say: "The path is set to bring you to me on the steps of flowers let our love be".
  5. Once the candles have burned down take them outside with the map and bury everything together.
The Best Flowers For Love

Carnations -- They really are the flower of love. They are about desire and about comfort.

Red tulips -- If you're after a red-hot lover then grab some of these. Their cup shape translates to desire and getting those emotions contained.

Red roses -- The old favourite. These are about sincerity, courage and steadfastness.

Flannel flowers -- These are lovely Australia bush flowers that mean intimacy.

Sunflowers -- These are great for a breakup, but they also help to invite positive vibes especially going into the party season.

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