Prince Harry Is Getting Roasted Over His Holey Shoes

Prince Harry is copping flak for wearing a pair of beaten up brogues to his cousin Princess Eugenie’s wedding this week.

The Prince looked extremely suave as he arrived at Windsor Castle with wife Meghan Markle -- until keen royal observers spotted his footwear.

Zoomed in photos of Harry's outfit show that the black leather shoes are definitely his favourite pair and are looking a little worse for wear.

Royal family sleuths have found that -- shock, horror -- Harry has definitely worn the shoes in public before.

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Footwear News reported that Harry slipped on the dress shoes for a friend's wedding in August.

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Which just proves that Prince Harry really is just like us commoners.

Everyone has a favourite pair of shoes that fit just right and makes them comfortable -- and Harry is clearly no different.

We personally welcome the idea of wearing the same shoes again and again, and hope to see the famous brogues when Harry and Meghan tour Australia this month.

Main Image: Getty Images.