A Royal Flower Girl Asked Fergie If She Was The Queen

A young flower girl mistook Sarah Ferguson for Queen Elizabeth II -- it was awkward, but very cute.

The Duchess Of York attended her daughter Princess Eugenie's wedding yesterday and stopped to answer a question from one of the youngsters in the bridal party.

"Are you the queen? " little Theodora Williams called out to Fergie as they walked down the steps of the Windsor Chapel.

"No," replied Ferguson.


Theodora -- whose father is pop star Robbie Williams -- wasn't happy with Fergie's answer and decided to try again.

"Are you a princess?" she asked hopefully.

"Yes!" the Duchess replied with a white lie, clearly keen to make a quick getaway from the rigorous questioning.

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Luckily Her Majesty wasn't around to hear the treasonous exchange.

Princess Charlotte and Theodora Williams. (Getty)

Let's just hope little Theodora takes some time to brush up on the monarchy's family members before it's time for the next royal wedding.

At least she knows who good pal Princess Charlotte is.

Main Image: Getty Images.