You're More Likely To Get A Divorce If Your Workplace Has This One Thing

Till death do us part, right? Well, it all depends on where you work and your level of education.

That’s according to research from a group of scientists at Stockholm University who found that trouble started brewing in relationships when there were lots of opportunities to meet someone new in the workplace.

The data looked at all heterosexual marriages which had taken place in Denmark between 1981 and 2002.

Scientists then narrowed in on those couples who also worked during that time.

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That’s when they discovered a trend -- men who worked in a female dominated workplace were more likely to cheat on their wives. Vice-versa for women and their husbands.

Other contributing factors included their backgrounds, with those who were highly educated more likely to stray. This rang especially true for the blokes.

The study concluded that: “Results indicate than an abundance of partners of the opposite sex in one’s occupational sector is more strongly associated with higher risk of divorce for men, especially those with high education, while for highly educated women, the associated is weak or non-existing”.

Apart from the obvious wandering eye, the researchers suggested that a few things could be behind the results.

Those working in the hotel and restaurant sectors generally had some of the highest divorce rates while the farming, pharmaceutical and library sectors had low rates of divorce.

Another hypothesis was that people tend to gravitate towards people with the same educational level and who are in the same field – and therefore share similar interests.

The researchers also suggested that age at marriage appeared to play a role in the likelihood of divorce as well. Couples who get married younger were more likely to divorce than those waiting to wed in their 40s.

Also, living in the city had an apparent impact -- those who lived outside of Copenhagen were less likely to get divorced than those who lived in the city.

Then again, it could all just boil down to temptation getting the better of us.

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