The Joke That Has Ended 4,500 Relationships ... And Counting

He was only kidding!

First there was The Face That Launched 1000 Ships. Now, there’s The Man Who Ended 4,500 Relationships.

Relatively unknown Scottish comedian Daniel Sloss is now at the centre of thousands of relationship breakdowns, all thanks to his two-part comedy special on Netflix, Jigsaw.

During the show, Sloss tells a joke about how tricky relationships can be to get out of.

"All I'm asking is, have you ever been in a situation like that in a relationship where you felt trapped, like you couldn't get out of it, and it was just easier to stay in it?"

Are you nodding? 'Cause we sure are.

"All I'm asking is have you ever accidentally caught yourself thinking how much easier life would be if they were to just die?" he continues.

"And not because you want them to die but just because them dying is like the easiest way for you to get out of that relationship. And it doesn't involve either one of you getting hurt - emotionally."

And there’s the zinger.

What, at face value, might just seem like a harmless joke has actually provided the impetus for thousands of couples to call it quits.

Sloss has been keeping a tally on Twitter and Instagram. So far the joke has ended 4,500 relationships, 16 engagements and 20 marriages.

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The comedian has been happily sharing some of the message he’s received from fans who’ve taken his joke (read: advice) to heart, with many thanking him for helping them see the light.

“I wanted to say you can add a divorce from a 3 year emotional (sic) abusive marriage to your list,” one fan wrote.

They continued: “I just finished watching you show, and I was having doubts about whether or not I had made the right decision. However, the questions and situations you brought up confirmed that it’s ok to say I deserve better”.

As for Sloss, he’s announced he’s going to stop counting simply because “it’s a long job to count ‘em”.

“I’ve done my damage,” he tweeted. “TBH, I’m just happy to watch the world f***ing burn at this point”.

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