All The Most Devastatingly Romantic Moments From The Royal Wedding

Get ready for your heart to explode

There are royal weddings and there are ROYAL WEDDINGS. No prizes for guessing which category Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's falls into. The newly-crowned Duke and Duchess of Susses are now officially husband and wife. Cue heavy sighs of satisfaction and happiness here.

So, the big event might have wrapped but let's face it - we're not ready to let either of them or the wedding itself go just yet. We're pretty confident you feel the same and so we've pulled together this awesome pic album to help you survive the days and weeks to come.

The Royal Kiss

Oh Prince Harry ... And you Meghan. No words. (But scroll down cause there's loads of pics and they're epic).

Image: Getty.

Here comes the bride. And the groom. And his brother. Okay. We'll stop now.

Image: BBC.

That dress though. No really. That dress.

Image: Getty. Stairs are tricky but it's okay Meghan -- you've got this.
Don't worry. These guys will help. Image: Getty.
Princess Charlotte and the bridesmaids walk the steps of St George's. CUTE! Image: Getty.
Joining Princess Charlotte was Meghan's goddaughters. Come on girls ... it's not all about you. Image: Getty.
Here we go - it's all happening. Image: Getty.
The look of love. And okay - a little relief. But mainly love. Image: BBC.
That's just straight up love - pure and simple, utterly beautiful, perfect love. Image: BBC.
That look though ... Image: Getty.
Wah. It's too much loveliness. Image: Getty.
Ta dah! Ladies and gentlemen ... I present to you ... Image: BBC.
Husband and wife and sunshine and flowers and kissing and all the things. Image: Getty.
Image: BBC.