Aussie Neighbour's Paper Plane Note During Self Isolation Goes Viral

A Victorian mum and her family have got themselves in an unexpected back and forth with two of their neighbours.

Kathryn McMahon from Geelong, Victoria, stepped into her backyard when she noticed a badminton shuttle cock had landed on the grass. Not long after, she then discovered a paper plane nearby.

"I assumed the shuttle cock came over my back fence, we have a retired couple on one side and people without kids on the other, I thought I'll just throw it back over there, no problems," McMahon told 10 daily.

"Then I saw the a paper plane. There was a message inside asking me to send the shuttle cock back across the fence. I thought it was really cute and sweet because of course I was going to throw it back over the fence!"

Kathryn's son with a paper plane in their backyard. Image: Supplied

Given we're approaching a different kind of Easter as we self isolate at home due to coronavirus, the 32-year-old parent thought she would spread a little kindness by placing some chocolates bunnies in the shuttle cock before throwing it back over the fence.

"I was so touched by the note that I wanted to do something extra, a little surprise, just for a smile," McMahon said.

Obviously there were children there, and it was likely they were a bit bored stuck at home. Chocolate is always well received!

A little while later, McMahon, a store assistant at ALDI, looked outside to see another paper plane sitting in her backyard. It had some treats tapped to it and inside, was a thank you note.

It read: Thank you for the chocolates and have a happy Easter. From your neighbour.

"I was so surprised! It really made my day and gave me the biggest smile!" McMahon said.

The sweet note sent over the fence. Image: Supplied

Prior to this, McMahon, who is a mum of a two-year-old and 11-month-old said she didn't know her neighbours but the experience has brought joy to her family and knows its done the same for those over the fence, who she later found out are two tween girls.

"Just this morning I heard 'they've sent one back!' and their sliding door open. During this unprecedented time we can choose to be a victim of these circumstances that we cannot control, or we can show kindness and enjoy the small things," McMahon said.

"I'm sure we can all look for the best in others and extend kindness to those around us, whether we know them personally or not."



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McMahon shared her experience, in The Kindness Pandemic Facebook group where her post has since gone viral. In less than a day, it has attracted over 11,000 reactions, almost 500 comments and 200 shares.

McMahon plans to keep the gesture going and has since engaged in a neighbourhood game of Noughts and Crosses, which ended in a draw.

Following the chocolates came neighbourhood games. Image: Supplied

"They sent over a 'get to know us' introduction and we've continued to send them back, having a paper plane conversation to get to know each other," McMahon said, adding that her children get excited every time they see a note in the backyard.

"They may be surprised by what might fly over the fence next!"

Featured image: Supplied

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