You Can See The Space Photo NASA's Hubble Took On Your Birthday

Up your gift-giving game with a present that delivers the universe straight to your screen.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Hubble Space Telescope's arrival in orbit, NASA are welcoming all earthlings to marvel at the wonders of the sky.

The iconic space telescope is responsible for capturing some of the most remarkable and downright extraordinary images humankind has ever seen. And now there's a way to make that all the more intimate.



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Magellanic Cloud captured by the Hubble Telescope. Image: Getty

NASA has set up a function that allows you to type in a date of birth to be shown the very image that was taken by the Hubble on that day.

By following this link to the space administration's official site, you can see what the stars looked like the moment they welcomed you into the world -- proving once and for all that you really are the centre of the universe.

Bring the stars to you. Image: 'Romeo + Juliet'

Not only is a bit of fun to curb your iso boredom, it also makes for a thoughtful and simple gift to give to the people in your life celebrating their birthdays while social distancing.

You can't bring them a birthday cake, but you can bring them the stars. Sounds like a pretty fair swap, doesn't it?



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You can share the image on social media using the hashtag #Hubble30, or you can download it.

For a gift that is out of this world, print their birthday photo onto a canvas or a birthday card. Or, if you're super fuss free, make it your zoom background as you celebrate together... apart.



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Now there's no excuse to skimp when gift-giving. NASA is bringing us the universe straight to the palm of our hands, literally.

Featured Image: Getty

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