Uber Eats And Airbnb Offer Free Meals And Accommodation To First Responders

In a bid to support the heroes on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic, two major companies are offering their support in the form of free meals and accommodation.

Healthcare professionals, relief workers, and first responders are going above and beyond to battle the spread of COVID-19.

In a gesture of gratitude, Uber Eats and Airbnb are among the first major businesses to put their money where their mouth is and help those who are helping the entire country.

To ensure COVID-19 responders have access to safe, convenient and clean accommodation, Airbnb have announced they will waive all fees for workers in these industries.

Airbnbs will open their doors to first responders for free. Image: Getty

The accommodation platform hopes to house the 100,000 Australians in the healthcare and relief industries. Registered hosts are encouraged to offer their homes to workers for free, but if this is not possible, Airbnb have pledged to waive all fees regardless.

The global initiative launches after a successful pilot program in France earlier this week, where 4000 citizens immediately opened up their homes for responders.

Uber Eats have also launched a targeted relief initiative for responders. The food delivery service has pledged 25,000 free meals for frontline workers.



Stranger Pays Nurse's Parking Fine In Act Of Coronavirus Kindness

An Adelaide nurse who copped a parking fine after finishing her night shift has had an online stranger pay it for her, as the nurse's union calls for free and accessible parking for hospital staff.

GPs, emergency practitioners and ambulance personnel will be provided with a special code via support organisation Frontliners. The code activates within the Uber Eats app, and allows access to free meals from the platform's 20,000 restaurant partners.

McDonalds are also shouting healthcare workers with free drinks. Those wearing a uniform or those who can provide ID can access certain menu items completely free of charge.

Not only are big businesses throwing their support behind our nation's heroes, everyday Aussies are expressing their thanks, too.

The Buy Them A Coffee campaign launched on fundraising platform GoFundMe, and aims to raise $25,000.



Coles Customers Must Now 'Pack Their Own Bags' To Restrict Coronavirus Spread

Coles is telling its customers to pack their own bags and groceries to help stem the spread of coronavirus.

The thoughtful initiates hopes that by encouraging Aussies to donate anything they can, even just enough for the price of a coffee, we can rally behind heathcare workers in these trying times.

The Australian-based fundraiser is donating 100 percent of proceeds to cafes and baristas located near hospitals and practices in order to allow them to provide healthcare workers with free tea, coffee and snacks.

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