The Reason There’s Only One Of Each Product Left On Some Supermarket Shelves

As crazed panic buyers continue to wreak havoc across Australia's supermarket shelves, it's nice to know that there are some people out there who never forget their manners.

Oh, Minnesota -- it's the Canada of America, the New Zealand of the Northern Hemisphere. In other words, it's a place that prides itself on its friendly neighbourhood hospitality.

And even in the midst of a crisis, some people never forget the day they were taught to share.

A tweet has gone viral for showcasing the Minnesota mentality that we could all use right now. The uplifting tweet features a collection of photos of supermarket shelves with only one item of each product.

Sadly, shelves stripped bare like these are all too common at the moment. But there's a heartwarming reason why one item remains.

The caption reads, "In Minnesota there’s this cultural taboo about taking the last piece, they consider it impolite because someone else might want it."

In the photos, even 'precious' commodities such as pasta and fresh fruit and vegetables remained untouched.



The Food Left On Shelves That No One Wants, Not Even In A Pandemic

If you were a bag of rice, you'd be feeling pretty damn good about yourself right now.

Before the coronavirus pandemic (and the ugly human behaviour that ensued) it was common etiquette to never take the last of anything. And now, that principle should apply more than ever.

As arguments break out across the country over toilet paper and the elderly and needy are left without, we never know who could need that last thing more than we do.

The replies to the tweet are very comforting, as others shared their experiences seeing similar situations in their own otherwise ravaged local supermarkets.

"It's in Malaysia too," said one reply, accompanied by the photo of one lone egg.

"Panic! But politely..." joked a Twitter user, finding humour in the sweet (albeit silly) situation.

The photos serve as a nice reminder that even in all the chaos, there are small things each and every one of us to do to show kindness.

Featured Image: Twitter

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