Hand Washing Songs And Memes Are Going Viral After The Spread Of Coronavirus

In the midst of global panic, we can only be certain of one thing -- where there's fear and terror, there's memes and #banter.

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread across the world, international health authorities are united in one key message -- wash ya damn hands.

According to the Australian Department of Health, "hand hygiene is crucial in reducing transmission of infections." They recommend we wash our hands regularly, lathering them with soap for 15 to 20 seconds.

The health advice is not only simple, it's downright comically inspiring, apparently. From Twitter to TikTok, hand washing jokes and jabs have been popping up across all corners of the internet.

They're good for a laugh and they're actually quite educational... if you don't already know how to wash your hands, that is.



Not Touching Your Face Is Harder Than It Sounds, Here's How To Stop

Despite the warnings from global health authorities, it can feel like an impossible task to avoid touching your face with your hands.

The single greatest thing to hit the internet over the last few days has to be the #WashYourLyrics generator.

From children, we were taught to sing the full duration of the Happy Birthday song while we washed our hands. Well, a 17-year-old web developer/genius has applied the very same principle.

UK high school student William Gibson created a site that inputs the lyrics of your favourite songs into a handy graphic that details how to best wash your hands.

It's helpful, sure. But more importantly, it's comedy gold. From the 'F You's of Rage Against The Machine, to the 'bing bing bongs' of Crazy Frog, Twitter is having the time of their life with this PSA generator.

Ah, TikTok --the mysterious land of hilarious videos and half-arsed dancing. Teens from South-East Asia have been using the platform to spread hand-washing advice in the form of a viral dance challenge because of course they have.

Ariana Grande has been dragged into the fun. When one TikTok user took a hilarious swipe at her affinity for long sleeves, the video quickly became another PSA about the importance of hand hygiene.

Singing Sweet Caroline with your hands wrapped around a drunken stranger was once one of life's greatest joys. Unfortunately now, grasping randoms is not advisable.

While we're taking the advice of health authorities, perhaps we also take the advice of The Police. The band, The Police.

Taking it one step further than clean hands, it's also been advised we try to avoid touching our faces altogether. It sounds simple, but Twitter knows the true pain.

There are plenty of hilarious PSAs out there teaching us how to keep our hand hygiene up.

And if you're ever in doubt, look towards none other than Lady Macbeth for true hand-scrubbing inspiration.

Featured image: TikTok

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