A Passenger's Laptop Was Crushed By A Reclining Plane Seat -- But Who's In The Wrong?

Wherever you may stand on the 'recline vs. not recline' debate, surely you can agree no one deserves this.

Texas man Pat Cassidy had his "livelihood ruined" when the "leisurely bastard" in front of him reclined their seat. Or at least, according to him that's what happened.

The podcaster was travelling on a domestic US flight with Delta Airlines when his laptop was crushed by the seat in front of him.

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You Should Not Be Able To Recline Your Seat On A Plane

When I first saw the viral video of an airline passenger having her reclined seat repeatedly punched by the man sitting behind her, I was shocked -- shocked that anyone could take the woman’s side.

A furious Cassidy took to Twitter to vent his frustrations. His rant once again sparking up the age-old 'to recline, or not to recline' argument.

"Small note for the suggestion box," he tweeted the airline. "Maybe have a little warning sign or someway to prevent my laptop from being destroyed when the person in front of me reclines their seat."

The man attached a photo of his Apple laptop, complete with a partially blacked-out screen covered in so many glitches, you'll feel secondhand horror just looking at it.

Writing about the experience pn his blog, Cassidy explained that his laptop was sitting on the tray table when his screen "folded like a taco."

"This piece of sh*t in seat 13A thought he would stretch his legs a bit and he reclined his seat completely destroying my laptop," he wrote.

"YOU NEVER FULLY RECLINE. It’s rude and a sign of sociopathy."

The man reached out to Delta to let them know what happened, let's just say he wasn't particularly pleased by their response.

According to Cassidy, he was given "the equivalent of a $75 gift card and an explanation that you would give a six year old."

He tweeted a screenshot of the airline's email reply, which read: "I'm sorry your laptop was broken due to another passenger reclining on your seat. It's not fair when one person's behaviour affects another person."

"Please know that Personal property damaged in-flight as a result of a passenger action is not reimbursable."

Cassidy's initial tweet has since gone viral, attracting more than one thousand replies and retweets.

Some people are blaming the airline: "They could at least put a sticker on the tray showing a computer screen cracking from the seat in front. A simple little reminder would go a long way."

Some are blaming Cassidy for putting his laptop on the tray table.

Others think it's the reclining "sociopath" who's at fault: "Ask @Delta for the information on that Passenger. That Passenger owes you a repair."

Then, of course, there are those who aren't quite as helpful, but certainly have a sense of humour about. Asking if he "tried turning it off and on again?" and telling him to "put it in rice."



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Air travel can really bring out the worst in people. And the seat recline debate is a topic that can fire people up even more than politics.

Whether you recline your seat or not, just know one thing: Twitter is angry at you, regardless.

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