Mercury Is In Retrograde Again And Someone Please Help Us All

If your life has been a little out of whack lately, we're pleased to present you with your astrological excuse.

For those of you who have never heard of Mercury retrograde, settle in and buckle up because it's set to be a bumpy ride. We're right into the first Mercury retrograde of the year which takes place from February 17 to March 10.

Except the first Mercury retrograde of 2020 is a little different this time because it's in Pisces.



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For those who are unacquainted, Mercury retrograde  refers to the moment when the planet Mercury changes its orbit and appears to be moving backwards.

When it comes to astrology, Mercury is in charge of communication, intelligence and timing. So when the planet goes into retrograde it can mess things up and make your life feel like everything is going... wrong.

We're talking about running late, communication issues with those around you and problems getting things signed off. You know, all those fun things.

But the fact that Mercury retrograde is occurring in Pisces means it has even more of a spin on it. You see, the retrograde takes on the energy of the sign it's transitioning through.

That means while a typical Pisces is generous and with a deep sense of kindness and compassion, they can be moody and negative which will be brought out by the retrograde. So say hello to mental fogginess and confusion.



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"Our intuition may become blocked or we may get confused during the retrograde, as we’ll have a hard time gaining insight and clarity on matters," astrologer Lisa Stardust told Bustle.

Deceptions will be revealed, as will the truest motives of others.

Astrologer and empath Greg Summers told 10 daily that Mercury retrograde further intensifies our personal relationships and experiences. That means our communication with others will be particularly heightened during this Mercury retrograde.

So if an old issue that you never quite closed the door on has popped back up again or there's pressure to do those things you keep putting off in the back of your mind, now is the time to start blaming Mercury retrograde in Pisces.

But never fear, Summers said these problems can be managed with a little bit of self-awareness.

"So long as people are mindful of the changes in their energies, they should be able to navigate the retrograde as easily as the others," he said. 

Summers said the key to surviving the this Mercury retrograde is to make sure you don't make any rash decisions.

"Be mindful of the ways you speak to those around you," Summers said. "Everyone will be hypersensitive [during these periods] and it is important to remember that we’re all on our own journeys."

Just remember while Mercury retrograde might feel like it has the ability to ruin your life, it is only temporary and like everything else, will pass. The countdown to March is on...

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