These Birth Photos Have Been Named The Best Of 2020 And They're Intense

An international birth photography group have announced the winners of this year's birth photography competition.

And the photos selected from around the world show the reality of birth in all of its real, raw and honest glory.

The competition from the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers, announced winners from a number of categories including: the best in postpartum, fresh 48 which captures the first few hours after birth as well as a number of honorabe mentions.

You can see all of the winners below:

First place overall

“A Moment of Silence,” by Jessica Vink from the Netherlands of VI-Photography.

Image: Jessica Vink/IAPBP

Best in category: birth details

“Warrior,” by Bree Garcia from the US of J&B Photography, LLC.

Image: Bree Garcia/IAPBP

Best in category: postpartum

“Vernix Constellation,” by Kristy Visscher from Australia of Kinship by Kristy.

Image: Kristy Visscher/IAPBP

Best in category: fresh 48

“Denial,” by Natalie Weber from the US of Natalie Zepp Photography.

Image: Natalie Weber/IAPBP

Best in category: labour

“Morning Light Creeps In,” by Shea Long from Canada of Coastal Lifestyles Photography.

Image: Shea Long/IAPBP

Member’s choice best in category: birth details

“Baby Noah Empelicado,” Jana Brasil from Brazil of JanaBrasil Fotografia.

Image: Jana Brasil/IAPBP

Member’s choice: first place

“Ring of Fire,” by Katie Torres from the US of Your Story – Professional Birth Services.

Image: Katie Torres/IAPBP

Members’ choice best in category: labour

“I am a Birthing Goddess,” by  Sophia Costa from the US of The Sophia Co.

Image: Sophia Costa/IAPBP

Members’ choice best in category: fresh 48

“Her Cup Runneth Over…,” by Martha Lerner from the US of zenmamalove.

Image: Martha Lerner/IAPBP

Member’s choice best In category: delivery

“Unmasking the Many Layers of Birth,” by Alexandria Mooney from the US of Alexandria Mooney Photography.

Image: Alexandria Mooney/IAPBP

Honorable mention

“In it Together,” by Lori Martinez from the US of Lori Martinez Photography.

Image: Lori Martinez/IAPBP

Honorable mention

“Unplanned, Furious and Free,” by Bree Garcia from the US of J&B Photography LLC.

Image: Bree Garcia/IAPBP

Honorable mention

“Breech,” by Cindy Willems from the Netherlands of Birth Day geboortefotografie.

Image: Cindy Willems/IAPBP

Honorable mention

“Overflowing Love,” by Barbara Aviz from Brazil of BÁRBARA AVIZ.

Image: Barbara Aviz/IAPBP

Honorable mention

“Reactions,” by US photographer Paulina Splechta of Paulina Splechta Birth Photography and Films.

Image: Paulina Splechta/IAPBP

Honorable mention

“A Dramatic Entrance,” Dania Watson of Lauren + Douglas.

Image: Dania Watson/IAPBP

Honorable mention

"Milagre Da Vida" by Jana Brasil from Brazil of JanaBrasil Fotografia.

Image: Jana Brasil/IAPBP

Honorable mention

"We've got you baby!" by Belle Verdiglione from Australia of Belle Verdiglione Photography.

Image: Belle Verdiglione/IAPBP

Honorable mention

"Colostrum Drunk" by Shea Long from Canada of Coastal Lifestyles Photography.

Image: Shea Long/IAPBP

Honorable mention

“Holding Two Sons” byLindsey Ellis from the US of L.E. Ellis Photography.

Image: Lindsey Ellis/IAPBP

Honorable mention

"Dance With Me On Your Long Walk" by Kate Carlton from the US of Kate Carlton Photography.

Image: Kate Carlton/IAPBP

Honorable mention

“Fresh” by Brittney Hogue from the US of Brittney Hogue Birth, Baby, Family.

Image: Brittney Hogue/IAPBP

Honorable mention

"She Watches Them" by Ashley Marston from the US of Ashley Marston Photography.

Image: Ashley Marston/IAPBP

Featured image: Image: Jana Brasil/IAPBP