'Greedy' Couple Asks Friends Not Invited To Their Wedding To Pay For Their Honeymoon

Sadly, this bride and groom can't invite you to their wedding -- but hey, why don't you donate to their honeymoon fund anyway?

It sounds like an outrageous request. But one couple found it so reasonable, they printed it out on non-invitations and sent it to their friends.

"As much as we would love for you to attend, sadly, our venue cannot accommodate everyone," the note begins.

If you would like to congratulate the bride and groom, rather than a registry, they are accepting money to aid in a beautiful honeymoon.

The bride and groom-to-be have been slammed on Reddit after one of their non-guests shared a photo of the note to a wedding shaming thread.

"We sent you this card so send us money," they captioned the photo, writing "tacky" in the tags.

Image: Reddit

The controversial post garnered almost 500 comments, the vast majority of them calling out the couple for their decision.

"Why do people think anyone else gives a s**t about their honeymoon? Everyone is struggling, so if you can’t afford to have a big wedding, don’t! The entitlement is mind-boggling," replied one particularly passionate critic.

"Don't ask people who aren't even invited to the wedding for money. That's what makes this tacky," said another.

People are so greedy these days it's shameful.

While people's reactions varied from angry to absolutely ropeable, the major take away from this wedding blunder is this: if someone is not even invited to your wedding... maybe don't ask for their money?



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This may be one particularly ludicrous example of a gift-giving gone wrong, but your everyday couple do come up against a lot of contention when it comes to deciding whether to ask guests for monetary donations or setting up a gift registry.

Asking for money was once considered taboo, but new data suggests that it is now the preferred route for most engaged couples.

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The report also reveals that the average cost of a honeymoon is $7,464. And the average cost of a wedding in Australia is $32,940.

Weddings and honeymoons can be extremely expensive, and their average cost continues to rise every year.

Looking at those numbers, asking strangers to chip in might suddenly look a whole lot more appealing.

Featured Image: Reddit