Hamish Blake's Genius Trick For When Zoe Foster Blake Is On Her Phone

As the saying goes, if you can't beat them, join them?

There's nothing quite as annoying as being in the middle of a very important conversation, only to realise your partner isn't paying attention because they're on their phone.

With our rising attachment to our devices, it's a problem that keeps popping up more and more in our relationships as we try to bring back our conversations to IRL.

But as comedian Hamish Blake has clearly learned, if you can't beat them, sometimes there's nothing left to do but to join them.



Zoë Foster Blake Made Us Realise We've Been Applying Our Concealer All Wrong

If you've watched one too many makeup tutorials (guilty) and have been applying your concealer in the shape of an upside down triangle (also guilty), get ready for a makeup awakening.

Last week, author and cosmetics entrepreneur Zoë Foster Blake -- who also happens to be married to Hamish Blake -- launched a new product as part of her highly successful range of Go-To Skincare products.

She's clearly busy promoting the new launch among what is no doubt an already packed schedule, so it's likely she's been on her phone more than usual.

On Tuesday night, Zoë shared her a step-by-step makeup tutorial she filmed for Go-To to her personal page and answered questions her fans had about the new product, Fancy Face, in the comments section of the video.

The questions ranged from does it matter if you double cleanse the other way around by using an oil cleanser first and then a regular cleanser (hint: the answer is yes and you probably shouldn't do it) to would an oil based cleanser be safe on lash extensions (again, not advised in case you're wondering).

That was until one overzealous fan of Go-To in the form of Hamish Blake commented with his own question.

"Hi this seems really great but I have a question. Does this come in a 10L tub and instead of a cloth can I get a trough I can just slosh my head around in?" he asked.

Also, will it get salsa off? I often have a LOT of salsa on my face. I promise I’m not just writing this cos I can see you on your phone. Sincerely, anon.

Zoë responded with: "You’re taco-n up too much of my comment feed," before getting back to answering the rest of her all important beauty related questions.

Zoë is clearly not one to slack off, even if her husband is sitting on the phone next to her. But nice try Hamish, nice try.

Featured image: Instagram