Carrie Bickmore Discovers Solution To Every Parent's Most Hated Back To School Task

After what feels like the millionth day of the school holidays finally came to a close for parents, many could relate to The Project host's Tuesday night activity.

It seems no matter how much you prepare and how many back to school lists you follow, some parents still have those tasks that just fell off the radar when it comes to getting the kids ready to return to the classroom today.

For Carrie Bickmore, that task was one of the most irritating: spendin hours contacting books.

"10pm. Contacting books. I am amazed they still haven’t come up with a better way after all these years!!!!!!" she wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of herself deep in the depths of contact application. Fun.

The Sunday Night Project host Lisa Wilkinson offered her sympathy, responding with: "Oh how I don’t miss that!!!" with all three of her children being past the high school age.

Yet many fellow parents were quick to come up with a better solution than spending all night covering dozens of books: book covers. And how did we not hear about this sooner?



Carrie Bickmore's Affordable Long Sleeve Swimming Costume Is An Instagram Hit

Just before her return to The Project on Monday night, host Carrie Bickmore shared a series of adorable family holiday snaps.

Many praised the Studymate book covers, available for 99 cents from Officeworks in an A4 size and a variety of styles, which simply slip over the book, no contacting required.

"How do I not know about book covers!!!!" Carrie responded.

But Carrie wasn't the only one who just learned about book covers, with a teacher writing: "Don’t worry I’m a teacher and I only found out about them the other week."



'This Year Is Different': Carrie Bickmore On The Sadness She Can't Shake

The Project host has opened up about the bittersweet milestone of her eldest son Oliver, 11, finishing primary school.

Carrie's eldest son Oliver, 11, started high school today, with the radio host previously writing about the bittersweet milestone for Stellar at the end of last year.

“I feel a gentle sadness creeping over me that I can’t shake. It’s the end of an era. The end of primary school for my eldest and I’m not ready," Carrie wrote.

"I have friends with kids in high school, I see what’s ahead – the smells, the retreating, the grunting -- and I’m not sure I’m ready."

Carrie wasn't the only famous mum posting about the reality of back to school, with Studio 10 host Sarah Harris sharing a photo on Instagram of a hairy forgotten school lunch box.

"School lunch or science experiment?" she asked her followers, noting that the contents of the lunch box 'used to be strawberries'. 

Many parents commented, explaining they had also made the mistake of not checking the school bag at the start of school holidays for discarded food.

"Did you forget to check school bag from last year? Been there done that. Still remember the smell and my kids are your age or older," wrote one.

"My son found his ‘lost’ lunchbox in his school bag this morning, similar experiment," added another.

Featured image: Instagram