'Book Murderer': Author's Travel Hack Slammed By Literature Lovers

British author Alex Christofi has sliced both the internet and his books in half after his unconventional tip for packing lightly goes viral.

When Christofi took to Twitter to innocently recommend a travel trick to fellow bookworms, he probably didn't expect to be accused of 'terrorism'.

But that's exactly what happened when his quest for portable packing garnered more than 13,000 replies on Twitter.

The Oxford-educated writer tweeted a photo of two books with their spines sliced down the middle, dividing them into two pieces.

"Yesterday my colleague called me a 'book murderer' because I cut long books in half to make them more portable," he wrote along with the picture.

Does anyone else do this? Is it just me?

What followed was a vicious (and hilarious) take down of the unorthodox method.

"I dog-ear pages, underline bits, write notes, drop sauce on them and take them in the bath," wrote one commenter. "But you need to get in the bin."

I hate everything about this.

Now let's be honest, we all love a suitcase hack. If it can be rolled, stuffed, squished or squeezed -- we're there. But this latest tip is one step too far. Has this man never heard of a Kindle?

Christofi defended himself in a number of replies, arguing that it's better to do this to long reads rather than forgo reading them altogether.

And one particularly savvy reader made the comment that the trick is a cheeky way to knock indulgent authors down a few pegs.

The author stood by his weird tactic despite the mass backlash.

If this looks a little drastic, don't fear. There are a number of other travel hacks that don't require you tear apart your precious book collection.



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No matter what you do or how you travel, there's a hack out there for you and hopefully one that won't get you called a 'book murderer' on Twitter.

Featured Image: Twitter