'It's Banned In Our House': Parents Name The Most Annoying Kids Toys Of 2020

Over Christmas, my household was gifted a present that has brought unbearable noise and subsequent pain to my life ever since.

This is not an exaggeration.

This ‘present’ was a Bluetooth microphone with karaoke function, bought by my husband as a gift to our daughters to sing with. Given he has an unwavering love for karaoke, I really think this was a gift for himself...

Regardless of why, the reality is, school holidays have been very loooooong and on occasion, this microphone has mysteriously ‘disappeared’.



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Thanks to thoughtful friends and family (even husbands -- who should know better), it seems I am not the only one in this torturous boat.

Speaking to 10 daily, here are some of the most annoying toys gifted to kids this Christmas (in no particular order because they're all painful) according to their parents:

1. Frozen 2 Sisters Musical Snow Wand

Image: Amazon

With Frozen 2 merch a hot ticket item at Christmas, many were gifted this ‘Snow Wand’. It has falling snowflakes and a button that once pressed sings ‘Into the Unknown’ from the movie’s soundtrack. It's as painful as it sounds.

“The wand is such a sh** toy, so repetitive and they use it for hours and hours AND the batteries always last so long!” Melissa said.

Another mother, Beth recalled a similar gift from a few years ago after the first Frozen film, the Elsa Wand.

“This is stuff of nightmares. It plays one line of 'Let it Go'... one damn line," she said.

2. The Wiggles Play Along Guitar

Image: Big W

For much of the same reasons as the Frozen Wands, The Wiggles Guitar is loved by kids for the well-known Wiggles tunes and loathed by their parents for their repetition.

With four ‘catchy’ Wiggles songs or snippets of them it seems the repetition is the root of this toy’s evil ways.

“It drives me up the wall!” Kellie said.

“My son ‘plays’ it non-stop and as much as The Wiggles aren’t my choice of music, I yearn to just hear a little more of the song. Anything different to the same couple of lines I hear over and over again.”

3. Slime

Image: Instagram

Possibly one of the most popular gifts this holiday season and also the most hated by parents far and wide is slime.

“My girls were gifted multiple tubs of slime this Christmas by a well-meaning family member," Emma said.

"It ended up all over a beautiful cane luggy basket that I loved.... I had to choose between throwing the girls or the luggy in the bin."

Emma isn't the only one, with Nicole adding that her niece made a huge mess from some festive slime.

My niece got slime and spread it over a brand new light grey lounge and stained it. It was only two weeks old!

Karen told of a similar slimy misadventure.

“Slime is now banned at our house. The slime my kids were gifted ended up glued to our ceiling!”

Shara concluded this general hatred of slime among parents, declaring: “Slime is THE DEVIL.”

4. Kinetic Sand

Image: Kinetic Sand

The hatred for kinetic sand is nearly as intense as slime, for many of the same reasons.

“It gets stuck everywhere,” Karen said.

“In the carpet, rugs, any sort of material, I will just find bits of kinetic sand stuck to and it is so difficult to remove,” Melissa agreed.


Image: Lego

Long-time favourite toy LEGO was also mentioned as one that is often given as gifts at Christmas that can be the source of frustration.

“I loathe LEGO,” mum of three boys, Maddie, said.

“I am forever finding bits here and there and standing on it is one of the worst kinds of pain imaginable."

6. Shopkins

Image: Toymate

Lauren said her daughter was given a Shopkins Happy Places doll and car as a Christmas present and it caused a meltdown in her house.

“It was a shopping one, so one of the tiny accessories was a credit card (smaller than my little finger nail and thin)," she said.

"Thin enough that it fell through the crack in the Shopkin cars boot. Sooo many tears... my dad ended up getting his tool box out of the car and unscrewing the entire Shopkins car just to find the credit card."

The tears did not stop until the credit card was returned to the Shopkins handbag and the car reassembled!

Peppa agrees that anything from the Shopkins range of toys is generally irritating.

“I am still finding all those little bits of plastic in the most unusual places," she said.

7. Musical instruments (or sound machines)

This is the stuff of Shona's nightmares. Image: Supplied

Most parents agree that the most irritating kids toys are the ones that make any sort of noise or sound.

“Honestly the worst kind of noisy toys are the ones that don’t take batteries because you can’t pretend that they ‘ran out’ and you keep ‘forgetting’ to replace them,” Jessica said.

Nicole said her daughter was gifted a toy trumpet before her youngest son was born.

“She thought it was great especially at his sleep time. The trumpet somehow got broken so had to go in the bin," she said.



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Nicki said her three-year-old daughter was gifted a kids drum kit and a floor keyboard by a friend who was staying with them over Christmas.

“So, I set up the drums next to his bed while he was visiting,” she said.

Elizabeth agrees with this sentiment, adding: “My brother got my son a voice changing megaphone. It was the WORST. Present. Ever. I sent it to the in-laws by ‘mistake’.”

Nicky articulated it best when she said: “Fart machines, harmonicas, whoopee cushions -- anything that makes noise. The list goes on and on."

"These are definitely the worst."

Featured image: Supplied