Why Peter Andre Only Keeps Two Of His Four Children Out Of The Spotlight

Despite appearing on reality television many times himself, the singer and TV personality doesn't want the same for his children.

The father-of-four was responding to a claim from Piers Morgan in a column he writes for 'new! magazine' in relation to his eldest son, Junior, 14, and daughter, Princess, who he shares with ex-wife, Katie Price.

Of the shows on the reality television scene, Andre said he would be particularly bothered if they were to appear on the UK dating show 'Love Island'.

"Unlike Piers, I like watching 'Love Island', but I do get where he is coming from," the former 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!' contestant wrote in his column.

Andre, 46, explained that he has talked to his two eldest children about appearing on reality television and noted that unless they were hosting the show, they wouldn't be appearing as contestants.

"I've already told Bista [Princess] that unless she gets approached to do a show about nuns, she won't ever be doing anything like that," he added.

"And Junior sometimes asks if I'd let him go on, but I've said no way -- unless he's the host, not a contestant."

Andre said that while it will ultimately be Junior and Princess' decision when they are old enough, he hopes that be following his guidance they will make 'the right choice'.

"I know the day will come when they make their own decisions and won't listen to their dad, but until then I'll do my best to guide them into making the right choices," he added.

Yet while Princess and Junior have grown up in the public eye, Andre prefers to keep the lives of his two youngest children, Amelia, six, and Theodore, three, who he shares with his wife Emily MacDonagh, more private.

Princess and Junior previously appeared on their dad's reality television show 'Katie & Peter' which followed his former marriage with Katie Price, airing from 2004 to 2009.

For this reason, Andre rarely shared photos of his two youngest children and has been seen covering their faces when paparazzi have attempted to photograph his family.

Speaking about his decision, Andre said: "Emily's one of those parents that doesn't want it, so I've got to respect that."

"I still get away with little things. There have been times where I've posted stuff and you can't really see the kids' faces," he told 'Closer' magazine.

"I post photos of them because I'm proud of them and of these beautiful moments. But I also understand that not everyone wants that."

Featured image: Instagram