The Most Popular First (And Middle) Names In NSW For 2019 Have Been Revealed

Data from the NSW Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages released on Wednesday has uncovered some interesting trends.

When it comes to babies in NSW, Charlotte took out the top position for the most popular girls' for the third year in a row, showing a clear royal inspiration.

When it comes to the boys' names, Oliver held as the favourite, a position its kept for six years. In addition, Oliver has also topped the list for the most popular boys' name in Australia for 2019, where it has stayed for a further eight years.

Charlotte on the other hand, sits at number three when looking at the most popular girls' names country-wide, being beaten by Amelia in the first position and Isla taking out the second.



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“While the most popular first names have been broadly consistent in the past few years, the number of people using the top names has fallen dramatically compared with a few decades ago,” Attorney General, Mark Speakman, said.

In NSW, Olivia came in second while Mia took out third when it came to girls' names and Noah and William took second and third for the boys.

However, while the names have been crowned the most popular, the number of parents choosing names from favourite names lists has decreased with just 449 baby girls being named Charlotte and 568 boys being named Oliver in 2019.

Parents are increasingly opting to give their children unique baby names. Image: Getty

This is down when compared to 1990 where the most popular girls' name Jessica was given to 1,647 babies while the most popular boys' name Matthew was given to 1,486 babies.

The reason for this, Mr Speakman suggested, is that parents are opting for more unique baby names.

“Choosing a name is always a very special moment, with modern parents often opting for more unique names for their children or altering the spelling of common names to make them stand out,” he said.

You can see the full list of the top first names names for in NSW for 2019 below:

NSW top girls' names for 2019

1. Charlotte - 449

2. Olivia - 428

3. Mia - 418

4. Amelia - 415

5. Isla - 360

6. Ava - 349

7. Chloe - 310

8. Grace - 292

9. Sophia - 284

10. Ella - 281

NSW top boys' names for 2019

1. Oliver - 568

2. Noah - 512

3. William - 466

4. Jack - 419

5. Leo - 397

6. Lucas - 379

7. Henry - 345

8. Thomas - 343

9. James - 322

10. Ethan - 317

While first names can rise and fall when it comes to popularity, the middle names given to babies have remained fairly consistent over the past 40 years according to BDM data.

James, John and William having been the top choices for boys for the past 40 years while Rose and Grace are popular choices for girls, replacing Louise and Jane which were favoured in the eighties and nineties.



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“Not everyone has a middle name, but when used we often see inter-generational patterns, with a trend for very traditional names that have stood the test of time,” Minister for Customer Service, Victor Dominello, said.

You can see the full list of the top middle names names for in NSW for 2019 below:

NSW top girls' middle names for 2019

1. Rose - 1715

2. Grace - 1098

3. May - 519

4. Elizabeth - 481

5. Louise - 449

6. Mae - 439

7. Jane - 433

8. Anne - 385

9. Maree - 296

10. Marie - 282

NSW top boys' middle names for 2019

1. James - 1745

2. John - 1009

3. William - 646

4. Thomas - 466

5. Michael - 401

6. Alexander - 377

7. David - 345

8. George - 334

9. Robert - 322

10. Joseph - 302

Data released last week by the state government further found that Oliver and Olivia were the top names for Victorian babies born in 2019.

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